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Dreamsea Costa Rica - The Essence! (VIDEO)


Dreamsea Surf Camp of Costa Rica is a living, breathing organism, and transforms with every passing day. Some evenings it rests quietly at peace with the stillness of the night. Other days it awakens with the energy of its inhabitants. 

Throughout the course of its existence, Dreamsea Costa Rica has been decorated, recycled, and celebrated. There is constant effortful and intentional direction that goes on under its skin. 

Dreamsea is powered by the people. Its heart beats in a different rhythm with every passing visitor. Each and every human adventurous enough to take a leap into their natural form contributes to this ever-changing cadence. The daily transformation of Dreamsea Costa Rica is sparked only by the evolution of the individuals within it. It is a being of tranquil symbiosis.

This is the Essence of Dreamsea Costa Rica.

Danielle Chervatin


THE VISUALS & WORDS: This video was filmed and edited by the amazingly talented and creative Danielle Chervatin.

Danielle is a storyteller from Windsor, Canada. She graduated from Ryerson University’s Media Production program in 2017 with a particular interest in visual storytelling through digital editing. Danielle is currently forging a new creative path for herself by mixing global exploration and video production.

You can follow her creative journey on Instagram here: @DanielleChervatin


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Dreamsea Costa Rica - Traveling With An Open Mind!

Planning on coming to Dreamsea Surf Camp of Costa Rica, but not sure what to expect?

Perhaps you’re interested in surfing or yoga but have never really done it before? Do you like the sound of Dreamsea’s community-orientated environment, but you’re not sure how you’ll fit in? Do you want to get outside of your comfort zone, but a bit nervous about trying something new?

Don’t worry – I’ve been there too! Whether you’re coming to Dreamsea Costa Rica for a couple of weeks or even a few months, the idea of going somewhere so new and different can be quite daunting, so it’s only natural you’ll want to know what to expect.

The best piece of advice I can give you to make the most of your time at Dreamsea Costa Rica is to come with an open mind.

You may have heard of the customary “Pura Vida” lifestyle that the Costa Rican’s lead here. If you wanted to, you could very easily adopt a similar attitude and tailor your trip around what you are used to and comfortable with. However, if you really want to live the Dreamsea experience, you’ve got to put in what you want out of it. Life here is a mixture of moments, experiences, memories, and adventures. If you open yourself up to what it has to offer, I promise you’ll have the time of your life.


Dreamsea’s specialties! A majority of life at Dreamsea (and in Tamarindo, too) revolves around yoga and surfing. We wake up to downward facing dogs and warrior one poses before spending the rest of the day playing in the swell at Tamarindo or catching green waves at neighboring beaches.

You might be thinking to yourself, “But I’ve never surfed/yoga’d before!” or I don’t even know what that lingo means!”. Or maybe you’ve dabbled a little but you don’t think you’ll be good enough?

Fear not. Dreamsea Costa Rica welcomes all levels of experience – from the seasoned yogi’s and surfers to the toe-dippers and fresh-faced fledglings. You’ll always have the support and encouragement of the camp’s friendly and qualified surf & yoga teachers. Even if you can’t touch your toes, you’ll never feel out of place on the yoga platform and can take it as slow as you need. The surf instructors also hold weekly Surf Tutorials in the evening, where they share all things surf related: talking about beach safety and surfing etiquette, to describing wave types and technique, and deciphering some of that lingo you may have been secretly confused but scared to ask about.

Still not convinced? When else will you get the chance to do yoga under the howler monkeys hanging in the trees above, or surfing at one of the best places in Central & South America?


We’re a little off the grid at Dreamsea, located in a nearby jungle of Guanacaste. Everything about the camp is very simplistic and minimal. The furniture is homemade, the decor is rustic and rural, and the toilets are open-air. You share your space with other campmates and some other residents too: howler monkeys, a few camp pets, and the occasional passing bull or cow.

Needless to say this might sound a little different to what you’re used to but don’t let that put you off. While Dreamsea may not have some of your usual home comforts it’s gives you a chance to let go of the materialistic and focus on what actually matters. With emphasis drawn away from money, time, possessions and other constrictions that rule the majority of our every day lives, value is returned to experiences and moments. Living this simplistic life at Dreamsea Costa Rica makes you realize how little we actually need in order to be happy.

If one of your other concerns is sharing your lavatorial space with 8-legged creatures & their friends (as mine was!), it really isn’t as bad as you think. Come prepared: arm yourself with a mosquito net, bug spray, a head lamp to take on the night-time trails to the toilet, and shoes to wear around camp, and you’ll be fine. We actually live in harmony with nature’s residents, and as long as we respect their home they are quite happy to leave us be.


Travelling, for me, is all about the people you meet along the way. This is is one of the reasons I decided to volunteer at Dreamsea Costa Rica, and after a month in camp, it didn’t disappoint.

There is a real global atmosphere within the camp and you’ll never be short of a friend. It may feel a little overwhelming initially, coming into friendship groups already formed and remembering a number of new names, but give it a few days. Ask someone how their day was. Sit down at a different table for dinner. See if anyone wants to come into town with you in the morning. Everyone is friendly and happy to talk – just be yourself, smile and say hello.

And if you’re someone who prefers your own space? That’s fine too! Some days you may even feel a bit of R&R is needed and you have the flexibility and freedom to have some alone time too, whether it’s taking a time-out in a cafe, going off for a solo surf, or having some me-time hanging on a platform in the Mango Tree at camp.


Make sure you get involved when you’re at Dreamsea, as there’s always something going on and it is the best way to experience this place properly. Come along to a group gym session in the morning (cheesy work-out music provided); sweat it out in the surf relay down at Playa Tamarindo; try your hand in a game of ping pong or take part in the monthly Dreamsea talent show. After dinner activities range from guided meditation and flip cup tournaments to music bingo and sing-alongs around a bonfire.

You may have come across some people in your life that give off the ‘too cool for school’ stigma, the kind of people who cringe at organized fun or turn their noses up at things like talent shows, but not here! We don’t take life too seriously at Dreamsea Costa Rica and everyone is always up for a laugh. Even if it’s a little out of your comfort zone, just give it a go – it’s a great way to immerse yourself and meet people.


Tamarindo is prime spot for surfing, sunning, and chilling out but it is also your everyday-kind of beach town. It can be easy to become a bit of a home-comfort hopper, bouncing between a day on the beach with a book and the nearest burger joint or Happy Hour. So while you’re here, make the most of this gem of a place and try something new. Get lunch from the ‘car lady’ for only 2,000 colones and indulge in gorgeous Costa Rican cuisine (all served out of the back of a Toyota). Learn some Spanish and get chatting to the locals: they are so friendly and more than happy to share tips for life in Tamarindo. Or, you can hop on a bus to the nearest town or neighboring beach and get a taste of a different local scene. Which leads nicely on to…


Every week the Dreamsea team organizes a different trip for campers: Cliff jumping at Playa Conchal, hiking and camping overnight at Playa Minas, swimming in the waterfalls of Llanos de Cortez, or a surfing trip to Playa Avellanas, Marbella and beyond. If you’re a backpacker on a budget, you might be a little wary of the prices and wondering if it’ll be worth it. Short answer – yes, it is.

Tamarindo is only a small glimpse into what Costa Rica has to offer, and there is so much more to see and do. When you go with Dreamsea your whole transport, trip and lunch are sorted. You’re with people who know the area well and know the best spots to take you – when we went to Playa Minas we even got to see turtles nesting! The excursions are excellent value for the prices and a good deal when you compare it to other tours from Tamarindo. Plus you’re guaranteed to go with a great group of people!

So come to Dreamsea Costa Rica with a sense of adventure, an open mind, and an open heart. Wake up with the howler monkeys and watch the sun set at Playa Tamarindo in the evening. Throw yourself into all there is to offer to get the most out of this amazing place and I promise you’ll leave with lifelong friends, a belly full of laughs and memories you’ll have forever.


THE WORDS: This blog was written by the amazingly talented Charlotte Porter, who studied creative & professional writing at the University of Nottingham, and calls Bristol, UK home. Charlie is currently traveling through Central America and documenting her journey along the way. You can follow her adventures at her personal Instagram and check out some of her written work at her Personal Blog.


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It's About The People

Dreamsea Costa Rica - Common Questions & Concerns Of First Time Surfers!

The moment I decided I would learn how to surf, I was pumped! I was also incredibly nervous.

Coming from the Midwest region of the United States, surfing isn’t a typical pastime for most of the people I know. I had so many questions. Once I arrived at Dreamsea Surf Camp of Costa Rica, I realized the camp was full of newbie surfers from all over the world who were equally excited and anxious about catching their first wave.

To help future dreamsea-ers, we sat down with two of our instructors Steff Mags from New Jersey, United States, and Catharine O’Boyle from Hampshire, United Kingdom, to answer the most commonly asked questions for first-time surfers. Together, they have more than 16 years of experience on the board and 10 years of experience teaching it.

How Deep In The Water Do I Need To Go?

Don’t worry, we won’t be throwing you in the deep end your first time out. At Tamarindo beach, you’ll most likely start in water shallow enough for you to stand up in. Surfing in white water, the foam-like waves you see crashing onto shore, is the best place to get familiar with your board and perfect your pop up. Once you’re able to get your feet underneath you – literally – you can move further out to catch some green waves, slightly larger waves that haven’t broken yet. O’Boyle stresses that as you progress, you should remain aware of your limitations. If the waves seem too intense for where you’re at, wait it out, head closer to shore or find a new spot. The worst thing you can do is knock your hard-earned confidence on the board.

What Type Of Clothing Should I Wear?

OK, so you may not ask yourself this question, but you should. The tropical climate of Tamarindo is too hot for a wetsuit, but you may want to consider bringing a rash guard. Rash guards, or rashies, are compression shirts that protect your skin from sunburns and irritations caused from skin-to-skin chaffing and board-to-skin abrasions. You also want to make sure you lather up on the SPF. Afterall, the surfer look isn’t complete without a thick application of zinc to the nose. If buying a rashie isn’t in your budget, Mags says a tight-fitting, long-sleeve shirt, or something you can tie back to make tight, will work fine.

Once In The Ocean, How Do I Know The Right Time To Catch A Wave?

The thing about oceans is that they are rarely consistent. Learning which waves are best for riding is something that takes a lot of time to get the hang of. Even then, you’re going to mess it up sometimes. Ideally, you want to catch a wave at its peak, the highest point of the wave that breaks first. O’Boyle suggests taking some time to watch the waves from the shore before paddling out to see where you might want to position yourself in the water. Both instructors also recommend paying attention to the waves when you’re out swimming. Take notice of how the waves feel and try to body surf them.

“You have to just go out there. Get to know the waves, go on a date,” said Mags. “You’ll get the feel for it.”

You’ll also get the green light from your instructors during your lesson. They’ll let you know which waves are worth going for, how long you should paddle and when you should pop up and enjoy the ride.

Why Do I Keep Nosediving Off The Front Of My Board?

Everyone experiences a nosedive or two (or several) when surfing – and they’re actually a really important part of learning. Wipe outs are normal and help you understand what does and doesn’t work for you. But, if you want to avoid dipping the tip of your board in the water, check your weight distribution and keep your eyes on the prize. Your weight should always be concentrated toward the back of your board, even when paddling. This prevents you from putting too much pressure on the front and scooping your board into the wave. Another reason you might be falling down is because you’re looking down. Wherever your eyes go, your body follows, so keep your head up and stare in the direction you want to go. If you do find yourself in a wipe out, though, be sure to use your arms to protect your head from any rogue boards.

How Long Will It Take Me To Stand Up On My Board?

Mags says that almost every student starts with doubts that they’ll get up on their first day, and every single time they do. Every instructor’s goal is to see their student ride their first wave. They spend plenty of time with you on land and in the water to make sure you fully understand the pop up. They’ll also give you the extra push you need, sometimes literally when the force your board into the break to make sure you catch that wave. Having a goal of standing up is incredibly obtainable.

“I didn’t really have any expectations when I started,” said Dreamsea guest Pierre-Olivier Paquette from Quebec, Canada. “I told myself that if I was able to get myself on a board after two weeks, I’d be happy. I managed to do that in a couple hours. I was really happy and felt like I was really progressing fast.”

What Board Should I Be Using?

Choosing the right board can be a long and thoughtful process for a surfer. There are many variations in length, width, weight, thickness, material, etc. When you’re a beginner though, the decision is easy. You’ll likely start off on an eight-foot soft-top board. Long boards are easier for paddling and maintaining balance, and can work for almost any type of wave you’ll be surfing. The soft top is also safer when it comes to wipe outs because well, it’s softer. If you get through your lessons and think you want to try out a different board style, your instructors will be happy to talk specs with you and make a few suggestions on what you might want to try.

How Long Does It Take To Be A Good Surfer?

If you’re pumped about getting on the board, you’re already a good surfer. Ask any pro and they’ll tell you that the best surfers are the ones having the most fun. It doesn’t matter if you’re skimming through barrels or nosediving into your first green wave, it’s all about the amount of energy and excitement you bring onto the water. We love to see other people having a good time out there.

“You can have the most skilled surfer out on the water, but what we consider to the best surfer is the person who’s the most stoked to be out there,” said Mags.

When Is The Best Time To Come To Dreamsea To Learn How To Surf?

The beautiful part about the Tamarindo coastline, is that there’s never really a bad time to get in the water. Some seasons are more ideal than others, but there’s almost always a wave worth catching. That said, the waves tend to be smaller from December – June, making it more ideal for newbies. The weather is also dryer and can be more ideal for hanging at the beach in those months. On the other hand, while July – November can be a bit wetter, because of that climate they offer the best waves of the year. There are 4-5 beaches within a 30 minute radius of Tamarindo that offer different levels of surfing for both the beginner and the advanced surfer, so in the end, there really is no bad time of the year to surf here. So, if you’re stuck to a specific set of dates, don’t let the slightly larger waves deter you. The Dreamsea Surf Camp of Costa Rica family will be here ready to teach you and cheer you on throughout your surf journey.

Mark your calendars, pack your bags and book your stay at Dreamsea Costa Rica today!


THE WORDS: This post was written by Amanda Knaebel, a freelance writer who believes that life is just one big story waiting to be written. She loves yoga, nature, hammocks and meeting interesting people from around the world. She is currently traveling solo through Central America and plans to continue her journey around the world. You can follow her adventures on Instagram or read some of her other work through her Online Portfolio.


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It's About The People

Dreamsea Costa Rica - The Perks Of Traveling Solo!

The idea of solo travel can seem overwhelming and lonely. You'll never really be alone though.

Before I started out on my seven-month solo trip across Central America, I was prepared to watch many sunsets on my own, book a lot of tables for one, and get really, really used to keeping myself company. Instead, I found freedom, introspection and dozens of new life-long friends. When you break away from familiar faces and start to navigate on your own, you learn to overcome fears, break comfort zones and discover parts of yourself you never even knew existed.

At Dreamsea Costa Rica, a surf and yoga camp tucked away in the jungles of Tamarindo, Costa Rica, you’ll discover a community of travelers from all over the world who have discovered the benefits of solo travel. Here are a few of the reasons they prefer to book a ticket for one:

You Can be Your Most Authentic Self.

Sure, our friends know a lot about us and have a pretty good idea of who we are, but we’re complicated creatures. We are constantly growing and changing, and can sometimes feel trapped by the expectations of those we love. When you’re traveling alone, you have a unique opportunity to try on a new you. You can introduce yourself as whoever you want to be and journey closer to the most current and honest version of you. There is no one who knows your past, or to tell you that you’re acting out of character. This means you can work on new habits, embark down a new spiritual path or dabble in a different hobby (surf or yoga, anyone?). Solo travel allows you to discover new parts of yourself without the questions, judgement and pressure of those closest to you.

You don’t have to compromise on your dream vacation.

This is probably the biggest reason people decide to leave friends and partners behind during their travels. We work hard throughout the year and aren’t looking to cut corners when it comes to our much-earned holidays. When you’re by yourself, you have the freedom to check off as many things on your bucket list as you want – and you won’t get sucked into anything you don’t want to do. This also means you have the option to change plans on a whim if your wanderlust gets the best of you. Warning: this happens often!

You’re more likely to make very deep connections with new people.

This is usually the part that surprises people the most. Even though you’re technically not traveling with anyone, you very rarely find yourself alone. There are tons of people who are doing the exact same thing as you and are always looking for a new friend to join them on their adventures. Staying in places like Dreamsea Costa Rica, where community is the main focus, ensures you meet at least a few souls who match your vibe. Chances are though, you’ll meet a lot of them.

You’ll challenge yourself and grow.

I’m not going to lie. Some parts of traveling alone are hard. I can’t tell you how many times I got lost walking through a new town, thought I was getting on the wrong bus or felt slightly less than comfortable being alone. However, those are also the moments I remember the most. After every difficult situation, I felt stronger. Without having another person to lean on, I knew what I was capable of. The confidence you build from overcoming these obstacles seep into other aspects of your life, too. Before you know it, you’ll be taking more chances and living the life you’ve always wanted.

These are only a few of the reasons why solo travel has become so popular.

Every experience is different, and each person has their own list of reasons why they prefer to go it alone. The only way you’ll discover what yours are is by making the leap and just doing it. Take a deep breath, face your fears and reserve your spot at Dreamsea Costa Rica. Your new travel family is waiting for you!


THE WORDS: This post was written by Amanda Knaebel, a freelance writer who believes that life is just one big story waiting to be written. She loves yoga, nature, hammocks and meeting interesting people from around the world. She is currently traveling solo through Central America and plans to continue her journey around the world. You can follow her adventures on Instagram or read some of her other work through her Online Portfolio.


Interested in coming to Dreamsea Surf Camp of Costa Rica, and  joining our community here in the jungles of Tamarindo, Costa Rica? Check out more of the Dreamsea Experience by hitting the “Learn More” button below! 

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It's About The People

Dreamsea Costa Rica - Seven Signs You're In Need Of A Surf & Yoga Getaway!

Are you struggling with headaches? Feeling fatigued throughout the day? Lacking enthusiasm in the mornings?

These may be signs that your body is in serious need of a surf and yoga getaway. Retreats help us reset our minds, rejuvenate our routines and add some fun back into our life. And let’s be honest, most of us could use a lot more of that. If you can relate to any of the seven symptoms below, your body may be secretly crying out for a break.

1. Work Feels More Like Home Than Your Actual Home Does

If you’re heating up dinner at the office, checking emails in bed and you see your boss more than your friends, you definitely need a break from reality. Not taking time from stressful routines can make you more prone to falling ill, mess up your digestive system and even cause you to age faster. Instead of buying expensive creams and overloading on Vitamin C, you can book a ticket to a tropical paradise in Costa Rica and give your body a much-needed reset. Dreamsea Costa Rica’s Yoga and Surf Glamping retreat is the perfect way to disconnect from life’s stresses and get back in the flow of nature. Each morning you’ll wake up to the sound of Howler monkeys swinging from the trees outside your glamping tent, welcome the sun with a round of yoga or a sunrise surf, and get ready to head out for a full of day of catching waves and beach-lounging with your new friends. Finally, you’ll close it out with a final sunset yoga session on the beach overlooking the Tamarindo sunset. What can be more relaxing than that?

2. The Idea Of Planning A Full Vacation Sounds More Stressful Than Going To Work

Vacations are meant to assist you in getting away from responsibilities, not create more of them. For those of us who are too overwhelmed to think about scouring booking sites or figuring out which excursions we should do, just book a getaway that does all the planning for you. From breakfast to varied social events, Dreamsea Costa Rica provides an itinerary to make sure you get the full Pura Vida experience that Costa Rica is known for. Each day offers a new activity you can join in on, like waterfall hikes, soccer, salsa lessons and trips to other nearby beaches like Playa Avellanas, which has its own resident pig. It’s the ultimate break, all you need to do is reserve your spot and book a flight.

3. The Winter Months Have Left You In Some Serious Need Of Vitamin D

If you live in a place that experiences winter, you probably know that seasonal depression is very real. Months of grey skies, early sunsets and extra time spent indoors can leaving you feeling a bit blah. Vitamin D, fittingly referred to as the sunshine vitamin, is not only important for emotional regularity, but can lead to fatigue, weak bones, cardiovascular diseases and a compromised immune system (hello, flu). The best way to avoid these symptoms is to get a healthy dose of sunshine, which you’ll obviously get plenty of while riding the waves into the beach and stretching out for a sundown yoga session.

4. Your Instagram Is Starting To Look Like A Shrine To Your Pet

We all like to scroll through cute and funny pet pics, but if eight out of ten of your last IG posts are featuring your furry friend, it might be time to get out of the house. Tamarindo is the perfect backdrop to catch some envy-worthy photos – the eco-friendly glamping tents in the middle of the jungle, the community mango tree platform in the center of camp, sunsets over the ocean, waves for all levels of surfing, and a camp full of cool new friends from around the world. The best part? You don’t even need to bring your camera. With photographers on staff, all of your moments are captured in high quality, professional photos that will help freeze those fun, adventuring-seeking experiences in time forever.

5. You're Lacking Friends Who Have The Same Desire To Travel

We are all familiar with the excuses: I don’t have enough money, I can’t get the time off work, I just can’t commit to that right now. Traveling with friends is cool, but sometimes it can be a pain to get them on board. That’s probably why so many people who end up at Dreamsea Costa Rica arrive on their own. Traveling solo can feel intimidating and maybe even sound a bit lonely, but with a full camp nearly all year long, you’ll very rarely spend any time by yourself; unless you want to, of course. In that case, just hike out to the monkey tree, take the top tier of the mango treehouse, or snuggle into one of the many hammocks located throughout camp. Most people who’ve made their way through Dreamsea Costa Rica say that the best part of their experience is making so many new life-long friends from around the world. Many even go on to travel together in future trips.

6. You Have Aspirations To Live A Healthier Lifestyle

It helps if you build some strength in your arms and core before hopping on a board, but it isn’t necessary. Surfing is an exercise routine that feels way too fun to be a workout. You’re constantly working your arms and shoulders to paddle out and strengthening your core and back to lift your body off the board. Don’t be surprised if you notice some increased definition after just a few full days in the water. You’ll also get plenty of opportunities to loosen up those muscles during the twice-daily yoga or the occasional free lessons in surf massage. If you do want to get some practice in before heading out to Dreamsea, you can search “surf workouts” on YouTube and find plenty of free exercises to get your body in surf shape. The daily Surf and Yoga paired with the locally sourced and healthy food options both in camp and around town, will certainly have you feeling a boost of health, physique, and happiness in no time.


7. You've Never Tried Surfing Or Yoga

Not to sound like your parents, but you will never know if you like something unless you try it. Many people have walked into Dreamsea Costa Rica never having put a foot on a surf board or yoga mat and ultimately end up leaving with new life-long hobbies. Plus, mastering new skills gives us an obvious kick of endorphins and other feel-good hormones. Who can say no to that? You’ll be camping alongside your surf and yoga instructors too, so you’ll learn plenty of new tips over meals, mango tree conversations, beers and during the nightly surf and yoga tips. Who knows, you might find your new calling in life.

If you haven’t already made up your mind to book your Surf & Yoga getaway, check out our Instagram and start visualizing what life could be like at Dreamsea Costa Rica. On the other hand, if you’re already hooked, reserve your spot today!


THE WORDS: This post was written by Amanda Knaebel, a freelance writer who believes that life is just one big story waiting to be written. She loves yoga, nature, hammocks and meeting interesting people from around the world. She is currently traveling solo through Central America and plans to continue her journey around the world. You can follow her adventures on Instagram or read some of her other work through her Online Portfolio.


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It's About The People

Dreamsea Costa Rica Named 1 of 25 Incredible Central & South American Surfing Destinations!

Dreamsea is The Place to Be

Dreamsea Surf camp has been named one of Central & South America’s Best Surf Spots by Flight Network, Canada’s leading global travel agency. Flight Network works with a team of researchers and writers who search the globe for the very best travel experiences. Flight Network’s blog introduces readers to travel adventures they may never had heard of and encourages travelers to embrace new experiences. In their recently published blog post titled 25 Incredible Central and South American Surf Spots Tamarindo was featured as a top surf spot and Dreamsea Surf Camp of Costa Rica was highlighted as one of the best surf camps in the area.

Dreamsea Surf Camp’s exotic outdoor accommodations were one the things that most impressed Flight Network. They loved that we propose a unique travel experience for the adventurous at heart which is both fun and affordable. Our glamping, surf and yoga packages appeal to individuals who are looking to connect with nature on land and in the sea.

Flight Network recognized that we have taken the best elements of Costa Rican life and combined it into a truly enriching experience.

They also gave us kudos for our commitment to  sustainable development. Because we live the ethos, visitors carry a little part of it with them wherever they go.

You now have it on good authority that Dreamsea Surf Camp is the place to be. Be sure to add “Surfing in Tamarindo” to your bucket list and consider Dreamsea Costa Rica as your next destination of choice.


THE WORDS: This article stemmed from an original piece written by FlightNetwork.com, recognizing 25 surf destinations throughout the world for providing an authentic surf culture to wave-seeking travelers. You can find the original article HERE.


Interested in coming to Dreamsea Surf Camp of Costa Rica and  joining us here in the jungles of Tamarindo, Costa Rica? Check out more of the Dreamsea Experience by hitting the “Learn More” button below! 

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Collect Moments, Not Things

Dreamsea Costa Rica - Practicing Mindfulness!

With so many distractions in our day to day lives, coming to Dreamsea Costa Rica can help you take a step back and slow things down.

Mindfulness is an important practice at Dreamsea Surf Camp of Costa Rica that is exercised through meditation,surfing, yoga, and positive change meetings. What exactly is mindfulness? Being mindful is being aware of how your impact affects the environment around you. It is a heightened state of focus on the present moment, your thoughts, and physical existence in itself.

In a world so heavily influenced by technology, we are often and easily lost within a screen instead of what is right in front of us.

With constantly checking our phones and receiving notifications, the ability to hold our focus on something is challenged. Your mind is a muscle and you can practice mindfulness just like you can in exercising your body for better health and performance. Not only can practicing mindfulness improve your attention span, it can allow you to have a better quality of life, improved focus and decreased stress and anxiety. You can be aware when negative thoughts enter your mind and change them to positive ones. If you are getting frustrated with learning something, like surfing, you can become aware of your frustration, take a deep breath, refocus, and put that energy instead into your surfing.

The wonderful thing about mindfulness is that it can be practiced anywhere. Instead of jumping to your phone as soon as it rings you can pause before answering it. You can observe your breathing, walk mindfully, eat mindfully, surf mindfully. By meditating and becoming aware of your thoughts and movements you can practice a higher level of concentration. It helps you monitor your thoughts and attention more mindfully. Positive change meetings allow for anyone to speak and share their thoughts on how to create a better world within the Dreamsea community. Whether it is using less water, reducing your plastic use or learning to love yourself, there is always an energy of focus on improving yourself and the world around you.

Dreamsea Costa Rica is a special place because of its ability to bring together such a large amount of travelers from so many different parts of the world. 

 Heightened mindfulness creates and illuminates empathy, which is an important dynamic in the togetherness of a community. Being able to understand and put yourself in someone else’s shoes allows you to see from different perspectives and ultimately grow from that point of view. Mindfulness is living in the present and recognizing the beauty that is all around you. Whether that’s surfing the waves, practicing yoga, chasing waterfalls, watching sunsets, or creating new friendships, mindfulness remains at the foundation of these acts and Dreamsea Surf Camp of Costa Rica.


THE WORDS: This feature was written by the amazing and talented Lindsey McCann, who is from Virginia, and recently graduated from Virginia Tech with a BFA in Graphic Design and minor in Psychology. You can follow her incredible journey via her personal INSTAGRAM, and explore her work on her PERSONAL WEBSITE.


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It's About The People.

Dreamsea Surf Camp Costa Rica - The Complete Guide!

If you’re travelling around Central America then Costa Rica is a must visit destination.

The amazing wildlife, coastline, volcanoes and activities draw millions of travellers in each year. The only downside of this is that prices have risen and risen and it is now an extremely expensive destination. We wanted a Costa Rican experience where we could surf, see the country and meet locals as well as other travellers. Thankfully we stumbled across Dreamsea Costa Rica.

Dreamsea Costa Rica is a surf camp located in the lush jungle less than a 10 minute drive from the town and beach of Tamarindo. When we read about it online, there was lots of reviews and everybody seemed to love it. So we made up the below guide to try and give anybody thinking of going to the camp an idea of how it all works!

How to Stay At Dreamsea Costa Rica

At Dreamsea Costa Rica you have a few different options as to how you can stay at the camp.

Dreamsea Experience Guests – Guests can book online direct via website and get the full experience with no extra charges. This includes accommodations, airport transportation, breakfast, dinner, surf lessons, surf equipment, yoga lessons, and special weekly excursions and surf trips. Depending on the package you select, prices can range anywhere from $595.00 USD/per week and up.

Bed & Breakfast – Bed & Breakfast guests can book directly via website and also via 3rd party booking sites. This option includes a simple combination of accommodation & breakfast, with the option to add-on your choice of dinner, and the above mentioned activities once in camp.

Volunteer – The best thing about Dreamsea Costa Rica is the volunteer program. This insures the camp is always full and buzzing with activity. It’s a big camp and there is a lot of tasks and chores that need to be done, and the volunteers provide the workforce needed. You can apply through their InstagramWebsite or like us on WorkAway. There are two types of volunteers (Qualified & General), depending on your skill set and interest level. For general volunteers there is a weekly $104.00 USD meal contribution, and while you may be thinking $104.00 USD to volunteer is a bit steep, you get two amazing meals a day and your accommodation in exchange for an hours work (see job types below)! This is a bargain in Costa Rica, as a similar breakfast, bed and dinner in Tamarindo would cost you $50.00 USD/per day easy!

The Dreamsea Costa Rica Volunteer Placement

 There are a handful of Qualified Volunteer positions at Dreamsea where you are exempt from the weekly meal contribution in exchange for a shred more of a weekly volunteer effort. These are:

Surf Instructor – As a Dreamsea surf instructor, you can expect to hold lessons for guests, manage board rentals, board maintenance, help with surf trips, and oversee board coordination for beach runs. Lessons are normally from 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM on the main beach at Tamarindo, with the weekly work being spread out between all instructors on staff.

Yoga Instructor – Dreamsea yoga instructors organize and lead the daily yoga sessions, typically around 7:00 AM each morning in the jungle, and around sunset in the evenings, either at the beach, at the cliff lookout point, or on the camp’s special weekly trips.

Photographer/Videographer  – In this role you are in charge of capturing photos and videos of the camp atmosphere, day to day life, excursions, surf trips, and other camp activities.

Social Media Director/Writer  – While there are multiple volunteers in the above mentioned roles, Dreamsea carries just one volunteer in this role, and they can expect to work with the photographers to feature select photos on the camp’s social media accounts, along with contributing weekly blog posts for the website.

As noted, all other volunteers are considered general volunteers and are in charge of general camp upkeep and operations. Working hours for general volunteers are typically after breakfast (9:00 – 10:00) unless otherwise stated! Some of those tasks and roles are listed below:

Common Area – Rake the leaves that fall around the camp and keep the common areas clean.

Tents – This job involves preparing all guest tents to a high standard ready for customers.

Bar – Help out behind the bar in the nighttime (hours vary depending on night).

Kitchen Crew – There is both morning (7:30 AM – 8:45 AM) and dinner crews (6:30 PM – 7:45 PM). They handle food preparation, cooking and serving. No kitchen experience needed, and a really nice job to learn how to cook some exotic dishes!

Lavatories & Showers – Cleaning the lavatories and showers twice a day, as well as ensuring there is always the proper toiletries and lavatory necessities are available.

There may also be random jobs called for during your stay, so keep an open mind!

The Dreamsea Daily Schedule

 It’s always nice to get a feel for how your trip will pan out day to day, so here’s an idea of what a normal day at DreamSea looks like:

6:00 AM – Morning surf (inquire with the staff the night before for details).

7:00 AM – Morning yoga in the jungle.

8:30 AM – Huge buffet-style breakfast consisting of fresh fruit, cereals, eggs, coffee and more followed by the morning meeting.

9:00 AM – Daily tasks/jobs.

10:30 AM – Morning runs to the beach begin in the Dreamsea shuttle (on days with no excursions/surf trips).

Throughout the day go surf, eat, swim and explore in Tamarindo. 

6:00 PM – Shuttle runs begin back to camp (usually from El Chiringuito) where people usually shower and relax until dinner time.

7:30 PM – Dinner time! Each night there is a different meal focused on a worldly cuisine, and they are all delicious. Everyone at camp gathers for a feast and it was a highlight of each day for me. Following dinner there is a “tips” talk, where people share one piece of advice on photography, surfing, yoga and more. New camp members are introduced, too (have your favorite dance move ready)!

After dinner people start hanging out, socializing, playing beer pong or just chilling in the mango tree.

10:30 PM – Shuttles start going in to town to whatever place is good that night. Make use of Tamarindo’s ladies nights! Women drink free (and men bring some straws)!

1:00 AM – Shuttles start picking people up to head back to camp at the prearranged spot. Grab some BBQ chicken outside the bars first – Epic!

Surfing At Dreamsea Costa Rica

 Many people come to Dreamsea Costa Rica because they want to learn to surf, or they can already surf and they want to get some waves in the Tamarindo area. The good news is that Dreamsea is great for both!

For beginners, you can book lessons through the surf camp. Just ask the guys, and they will arrange lessons for you. Prices vary depending on how many lessons you purchase, as bulk discounts are available.

These are the three main beaches in the area to surf at:

Playa Tamarindo – Perfect beginners beach right in the middle of the town. Nearly always waves here, but rarely gets very big. Good longboard waves, and occasionally on a shortboard when there is some swell.

Playa Langosta – Easy 15 minute walk from Tamarindo. The wave breaks on a river mouth and is a nicely shaped, powerful wave with the odd barrel section going. It’s good fun, and a popular destination for the morning surf!

Playa Grande – You can take the $1 boat ride across the estuary from Tamarindo to Playa Grande (beware of crocs if paddling across!). Playa Grande is a really fun beach, with multiple peaks breaking the full length of it, generally getting more powerful the further north you go. Find an empty peak and enjoy the isolation of Grande, for sure my favorite of the three beaches.

Weekly Dreamsea Excursions & Surf Trips 

Every week, Dreamsea Costa Rica takes full-paying Dreamsea Experience guests (included in package), and any B&B guests or volunteers who are interested for one special excursion and one special surf trip to different noteworthy destinations across the nearby region of Guanacaste.

Excursions are days where campers take off on a bus to different destinations for a day full of adventure. There are lots of different excursions, and they are a great way to see different parts of Costa Rica. They can include cliff jumping, hiking, waterfalls, hot springs, and mud baths among other activities. Volunteers have the option to pay a discounted rate for the excursions, and the price varies depending on the trip.

There is also one special weekly surf trip the camp organizes. Playa Avellanas, Playa Negra, and Playa Marbella are among the common trips.

Make the most of the excursions and surf trips when they happen as it is a great way to see different areas and sights within Costa Rica!

Random Dreamsea Tips!

  • If you want a cheap lunch while in town during the day, find the red car! It’s ¢2,000 for an enormous typical Costa Rican style meal
  • Take lots of bug spray with you, they tend to come out at night
  • Play Flunkyball! you won’t regret it (except maybe the next morning)
  • Light sleeper? Take ear plugs. They’re called Howler Monkeys for a reason!
  • Learn something new that day? Get up and share it during the “tips” time
  • Enjoy the Tamarindo nightlife! Even if you are not a big drinker, going out with the crew is the best way to make friends and have a good laugh the next day.

Well that’s all! These are just a couple of things I would have liked to have known before I went to Dreamsea, and I hope it has helped.  The best thing about Dreamsea is the people in it. We went to Nicaragua with a few mates we made there, and three of them are coming to Ireland to visit in a few weeks. If you’re thinking about going, don’t think anymore, just book it. You will have the time of your life!


THE WORDS: This feature was written by Charlie Downes, who is from Ireland and is an avid-surfer and world traveler. You can follow his incredible journey via his travel-based website titled Lost & Stoked and also his personal INSTAGRAM.


Interested in coming to Dreamsea Surf Camp of Costa Rica and  joining us in the jungles of Tamarindo, Costa Rica? Check out more of the Dreamsea Experience by hitting the “Learn More” button below! 

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It's About The People.

Dreamsea Costa Rica - Finding Your Balance!

Everyone walks into Dreamsea Costa Rica with their own individual experiences, interests and skills.

Whether you come hoping to surf every day, unleash your inner yogi,
experience a new culture, party “tica” style or take lots of naps on the beach; there is a time and space to enjoy all of those activities.

Likewise, one would be hard-pressed to spend any amount of time in camp
without stepping out of their comfort zone and trying something new.
While some are accustomed to living simply and embracing the unknown, others find every aspect of the lifestyle fresh.

Regardless of where you are on your journey, life at Dreamsea is unconditional upon the past and future. The focus is on the present moment.

Wake up for breakfast or sleep in. Participate in the daily activities or do your own thing. Party often or go to bed early enough to wake up for morning yoga. Surf or wander through town. With infinite ways to spend your time, every moment is exciting and new if you let it be.

The structure of the camp is simple: you choose what you want to do and
contribute and participate as you will.

With the emphasis drawn away from money, time, possessions and other constrictions that rule the majority of our everyday lives, value is returned to experiences and moments.

 Ultimately, the freedom and individual control surrounding what such
experiences and moments will entail allows each person to explore what balance looks like for them. Further, the community oriented atmosphere of the camp plays a significant role in supporting the search for balance.

As a community, we are experiencing together, learning from each other and collaborating about how we can make an impact regardless of where life takes us. The community structure lends directly to balance of the internal and external elements of our lives. After all, a healthy community is reliant on a balanced ‘give and take’ flow of energy.

You can build deep relationships with the people you are surrounded with while maintaining the space for introspection. Through interactions with people from completely different life experiences and cultures, you gain a deeper understanding of yourself. With deeper self-awareness, the individual skills, perspectives and experiences which add richness and value to a community become easier to identify.

The community structure and support impedes being overly consumed with introspection that you miss out on the experience of living.
As much as community is at the core of Dreamsea, the level of involvement remains entirely the choice of the individual.

Regardless of what you wish to achieve with your stay, Dreamsea provides the structure, space and community conducive to the pursuit of a balanced lifestyle, whatever that may be. The choice to seek it, is yours.


THE WORDS: This feature was written by the talented Grace Oldham, who is from Dallas, Texas, attends Arizona State University in Phoenix, Arizona, and is currently exploring Costa Rica with her endearing character leading the way. You can follow her incredible journey via her personal INSTAGRAM.


Interested in coming to Dreamsea Surf Camp of Costa Rica and  joining us in the jungles of Tamarindo, Costa Rica? Check out more of the Dreamsea Experience by hitting the “Learn More” button below! 

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It's About The People.

Dreamsea Costa Rica - Together We Can Be The Change!

Dreamsea Surf Camp of Costa Rica has always been a community where travelers come together from all over the globe.

Through communication, teamwork, and like-mindedness, the individuals within Dreamsea look to improve not only themselves but the World around them. By way of recent focused intention though, Dreamsea Costa Rica has expanded our humanitarian efforts, concentrating first on our local community and the children within it. Along with the infrastructural development of Dreamsea Costa Rica, comes a natural progression towards having the basic resources to shift focus to grander philanthropic endeavors.

There is no doubt that the greatest natural resource and treasure of the World, is the Children within it.

As the iconic leader Mahatma Gandhi once professed – “If we are to teach real peace in this World, and if we are to carry on a real war against war itself, we shall have to begin with the Children.”. With all of this in mind, what began as a seed of an idea to reach out and connect with Children of our surrounding community and assist them in expanding their educational horizons in any way possible, quickly transformed into an event labeled “Dream In English”.  The intention was to host the local surrounding youth in camp, spending an entire day with them focusing on building language skills and broadening their cultural understandings through activities, games, song, dance, and arts and crafts.

A humanitarian campaign impossible without the Dreamsea Costa Rica volunteer program and the incredible individuals within it, what began with our first “Dream in English” event where we had 10 amazing children from the Guanacaste region, has matured into an event in which Dreamsea is hosting and working with over 50 children during the day-long interactive fixture.

With sky being the limit in future charitable events

in both this specific “Dream in English” movement, along with the abundance of other World conscious projects in the Dreamsea Costa Rica pipeline, comes an opportunity to include more children in our future efforts, as well as additional compassionate volunteers, potential sponsors, and local partnerships.

With the sole purpose of enriching the existence of all parties involved, and leaving a collective imprint on both our current environment and the future of humanity, if you are interested in joining Dreamsea Costa Rica in any of our forthcoming “Dream In English” or humanitarian efforts, please reach out to us at the following e-mail address: DreamseaExperience@gmail.com

As the great Bob Marley once conveyed – “Live for yourself, and you will live in vain. Live for others, and you will live again.” – At Dreamsea Costa Rica we firmly believe that it is only in unison, hand in hand, that we can achieve true and grand positive change.



You can view the origins and objective of this project in our video recapping the inaugural "Dream In English" event below.


Interested in connecting with Dreamsea Surf Camp of Costa Rica, and  joining us here in Costa Rica for one of our future humanitarian events? Contact us by clicking the “Learn More” button below or e-mailing us directly at: DreamseaExperience@gmail.com 

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We Can be The Change!