Dreamsea Costa Rica – The Moments

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Dreamsea Surf Camp Costa Rica - Gallery - Surfing, Glamping, Yoga - Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Life At Dreamsea Surf Camp of Costa Rica

One of the easiest ways to improve travel photos is shooting in better light, and the best light is often in the hour after sunrise and before sunset. That’s because the light takes on a warm golden hue and hits the subject from the side instead of the top. t’s difficult to recreate the grandeur of a vast landscape in the confines of a picture frame.

Dreamsea Surf Camp Costa Rica - Gallery - Surfing, Glamping, Yoga - Tamarindo, Costa Rica

My Dreamsea Surf Camp Costa Rica Experience: EPIC!

I was recently quoted as saying, “I don’t give a shit” if Instagram has more users than Twitter. If you read the article you’ll note there’s a big “if” before my not giving of said shit. Numbers are important. Number of users is important. So are lots of other things. Different services create value in different ways. Trust your gut as much (or more) than the numbers. Figure out what matters and build something good.

Dreamsea Surf Camp Costa Rica - Blog - Surfing, Glamping, Yoga - Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Come Let Go at Dreamsea Surf Camp Costa Rica

When you are alone for days or weeks at a time, you eventually become drawn to people. Talking to randos is the norm. I’ll never forget the conversation with the aquarium fisherman, forest ranger, and women at the Thai market. It’s refreshing to compare notes on life with people from vastly different backgrounds.