If you recognize yourself within the context of this blog post, you may in fact be ready to make the leap into traveling yourself.

This article might just be the little push you needed to begin your own adventures as soon as possible!

Day in and day out of our fast-paced, and often times rushed lives, we are encouraged to be ‘realistic’ and to keep our feet on the ground. But what is the ‘real’ definition of being realistic? Our 21st century’s Western society teaches us that being successful is secured by investing energy and most of our time into our appointed position within that society. Mostly, this embodies hard work and dedication to everyday life and that respective position, rather than putting that same effort and time into developing ourselves.

Getting out of your comfort zone leads to feeling comfortable within yourself

It might sound a little ironic, but traveling – leaving your everyday comfort zone – actually leads to feeling more comfortable in the long run. Below you can find a checklist comprised of some comprehensive outcomes of traveling.

Whether it is solo or in a (small) group, any traveler will recognize the following benefits, and if they seem very appealing to you: don’t doubt that immediately starting your own travel planning may very well be a fruitful and life-altering decision.

During travel you will experience that:

✔ – Handling unexpected situations builds self-confidence

✔ – Being away helps you value relationships and home more

✔ – Leaving behind one’s everyday routine offers new perspectives regarding personal prospects – future career, hobbies, self-awareness

✔ – Discovering yourself is essential to get to know what your needs and future plans are, instead of adapting to environmental ones

Travel and Education are Complimentary

Regardless if it’s picking up a new language, cooking a new delicious Italian pasta recipe or mastering an ancient Chinese card trick, travel has proven to help us gain knowledge and extend education perspectives. Psychologists have actually proven that it levels up our mental and physical state of happiness – especially when we are comprehending anything we enjoy.

If you haven’t traveled yet, see if the below effects and outcomes of committing to a personal adventure are something you are looking to achieve – or in the case that you have already traveled, are currently traveling, and are looking to continue doing so – if experiencing anything listed below is what keeps you returning to the journey..

Travel helps you to:

✔ – Get over fears and explore new boundaries

✔ – Meet people, get to know different cultures that can actually be a better fit for you to live in instead of what you’re used to

✔ – Learn a new language leading to gaining knowledge and acquire unforeseen skill-sets

✔ – Extend old skills’ comprehension and share your gained knowledge with other people

“I enjoy some of the old and I enjoy some of the new, and if I can find a balance between it, that’s where I find my satisfaction.” from ‘The Dreamer’ – by Anderson .Paak

Traveling Actually Makes You Happier

As noted above, there is actual scientific proof that travel and all of the connected activities to it, makes you happier. Many research outcomes show that it gives you energy and provides a source of endorphins on the short term, lifelong insights on the long term, and definite good vibes in the present moment(s) you are in.

A little test to find out what you will remember the most, when someone asks you to look back on your life one day:

All those times you stared at the clock at work wondering if the batteries still work because time seemed to stand still, got to the supermarket afterwards not having any clue what you should make for dinner, and ultimately plopped down in front of the TV feeling exhausted and annoyed because you have to do the same thing over again the next day.


That one time you had authentic herbal Chinese tea with a Belgian and an Estonian friend in a hostel in Tamarindo – Costa Rica, discussing your volcano hike from the day before, where you had a celebration beer next to the crater and moved laughter to tears because a monkey jumped on your head and tried to pick your fleas?

In general, we can always and truthfully say that life is too short to just sit and wait.

Pack up your essential belongings, and go explore the world… but most importantly, go explore yourself.


THE WORDS: This article was written by the magnificent Saar Jacobs, who is from Antwerp, Belgium and is currently on her own long-term travel journey, shifting her own (and the World’s) perspective about the possibilities and liberation of travel. You can follow her incredible adventures via her INSTAGRAM or her PERSONAL BLOG.


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