Within Tamarindo's dense green jungle lies Dreamsea Costa Rica

A little oasis of civilization surrounded by wildlife. Staying at Dreamsea means you are constantly immersed in nature, and it is truly a privilege to experience the wonders of the natural world every minute of every day.

While the opportunity to connect with your surroundings is plentiful while traveling in Costa Rica, here are eight specific ways you can enhance your experience in Tamarindo by getting in touch with the richness of this magnificent Country’s wilderness!

1. Enjoy The Beautiful Beaches

Frequent beach trips allow you to enjoy the cool, refreshing ocean water and the towering coconut palms on a daily basis. Tamarindo beach in particular is also scattered with interesting seashells, creating a mosaic-like pattern on the soft sand. Once in a while you may even stumble across a sand dollar or a sand crab. Every day at the beach provides some new treasure that will cause you to become further infatuated with your surroundings.

2. Admire The Sunsets

Located on the western edge of the Central American continent, Tamarindo represents a perfect sunset-viewing spot. As the sun departs each day, you can actually see the giant glowing orb sinking into the horizon. Though the sunsets are quick, the sky turns into a canvas for the psychedelic strokes of the sun’s paintbrush, which grow more intense by the minute. Even on the cloudiest days, the rose-colored sun finds a way to burst through the gray and ignite the scene.

3. Go For A Hiking Adventure 

When leaving the camp driveway, turning right leads towards Tamarindo’s downtown, but turning left leads towards a small mountain perfect for hiking. The rugged terrain begins as a leisurely walk, and gradually steepens until you can feel your leg muscles burning while you climb uphill. Hiking for about 30 minutes will leave you drenched in sweat, but as a reward you can witness a nice view of the sparkling Pacific Ocean lined with a golden strip of beach that is surrounded by mountainous peaks.

4. Embrace The Tropical Climate

The climate of Costa Rica means hot weather year-round, with a splash of humidity in some months. The heat can seem daunting, but luckily, palm trees provide shade at most beaches and the ocean is within a toss of a coconut. Apply your sunscreen, and always dress for comfort; at Dreamsea, most people live in bathing suits and lightweight casual clothes. The camp’s cold showers are a great way to cool down after a long day of sun exposure while surfing!

5. Get Acclimated With The Morning Howler Monkeys

In the trees that tower over the camp, howler monkeys live happily and loudly. Don’t be alarmed to hear massive groans and strange screeches early in the morning, or at any hour of the day for that matter. Sometimes you can see the little, fuzzy black creatures climbing through the trees, or running through camp grabbing freshly fallen mangoes. When is the last time you can say a howler monkey was your alarm clock?!

6. Go On Weekly Excursions & Surf Trips To Surrounding Areas 

Every week, Dreamsea Costa Rica takes campers on special excursions and surf trips to historic natural landscapes and beaches in the surrounding areas of the Guanacaste region. While Tamarindo provides plenty of natural beauty in itself, whether it be cliff jumping, snorkeling, waterfall hunting, natural hot springs, mud baths, or group surf sessions at legendary beaches along the pacific coast, Dreamsea allows for our campers to squeeze the most out of Costa Rica’s atmosphere and culture by adventuring to nearby destinations. Hop in a shuttle with the Dreamsea team, leave your stress behind, and enjoy an all-day Pura Vida soaked adventure.

7. Accept The Presence Of Animals & Insects

The merging of jungle life with civilization creates an interesting mix of animals in and around the camp on a daily basis. Domesticated dogs, cats, horses and cows roam the streets, and Dreamsea itself is home to two lovable dogs and and a roster of cats. In addition to the howler monkeys, you may also catch glimpses of other exotic creatures like iguanas, turtles, lizards, and interesting bird species. Due to the lack of boundaries between civilization and nature at Dreamsea, our home is also home to countless insects. Once in a while, large colorful butterflies drift through the camp and fireflies light up at nighttime, reminding us that insects can also be beautiful. It is always magical to see such incredible animals in their natural habitat, so always observe the landscape carefully and you may see something amazing.

8. Take A Walk Into Downtown Tamarindo

The daily shuttles to and from Tamarindo are quick and convenient, but it can be nice to stretch your legs and get a fruitful in every walk once in a while. The dirt road from Dreamsea into town is clear, easy to follow, and the entire walk takes about 30 minutes. Fill up a canteen with water, put your walking shoes on, and enjoy a peaceful walk surrounded by the rushing sounds of the river and the serene shade of the forest.


THE WORDS: This article was written by the passionate and thought-provoking Gabby Boucher, who is from the US, and is currently exploring the World while soaking up perspective and sun. You can follow her incredible adventures via her PERSONAL WEBSITE or her INSTAGRAM.


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