Everyone walks into Dreamsea Costa Rica with their own individual experiences, interests and skills.

Whether you come hoping to surf every day, unleash your inner yogi,
experience a new culture, party “tica” style or take lots of naps on the beach; there is a time and space to enjoy all of those activities.

Likewise, one would be hard-pressed to spend any amount of time in camp
without stepping out of their comfort zone and trying something new.
While some are accustomed to living simply and embracing the unknown, others find every aspect of the lifestyle fresh.

Regardless of where you are on your journey, life at Dreamsea is unconditional upon the past and future. The focus is on the present moment.

Wake up for breakfast or sleep in. Participate in the daily activities or do your own thing. Party often or go to bed early enough to wake up for morning yoga. Surf or wander through town. With infinite ways to spend your time, every moment is exciting and new if you let it be.

The structure of the camp is simple: you choose what you want to do and
contribute and participate as you will.

With the emphasis drawn away from money, time, possessions and other constrictions that rule the majority of our everyday lives, value is returned to experiences and moments.

 Ultimately, the freedom and individual control surrounding what such
experiences and moments will entail allows each person to explore what balance looks like for them. Further, the community oriented atmosphere of the camp plays a significant role in supporting the search for balance.

As a community, we are experiencing together, learning from each other and collaborating about how we can make an impact regardless of where life takes us. The community structure lends directly to balance of the internal and external elements of our lives. After all, a healthy community is reliant on a balanced ‘give and take’ flow of energy.

You can build deep relationships with the people you are surrounded with while maintaining the space for introspection. Through interactions with people from completely different life experiences and cultures, you gain a deeper understanding of yourself. With deeper self-awareness, the individual skills, perspectives and experiences which add richness and value to a community become easier to identify.

The community structure and support impedes being overly consumed with introspection that you miss out on the experience of living.
As much as community is at the core of Dreamsea, the level of involvement remains entirely the choice of the individual.

Regardless of what you wish to achieve with your stay, Dreamsea provides the structure, space and community conducive to the pursuit of a balanced lifestyle, whatever that may be. The choice to seek it, is yours.


THE WORDS: This feature was written by the talented Grace Oldham, who is from Dallas, Texas, attends Arizona State University in Phoenix, Arizona, and is currently exploring Costa Rica with her endearing character leading the way. You can follow her incredible journey via her personal INSTAGRAM.


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