Surfers are constantly in search of that perfect day.

The day when they’re catching wave after wave in a warm, sunny locale and following it up with a cold beer on the sand. It’s no wonder that surfers have been searching for those perfect days around the globe for decades, and the travel industry is taking notice.

That’s why the travel experts at Canada’s leading online travel agency, Flight Network, recently released their list of the top 55 surf destinations in the world. The goal was to introduce their customers, and travelers from around the world, to the destinations that are known for offering those perfect days. In addition to providing epic waves, every destination on their list is home to comfortable accommodation options and plenty of things to do out of the water too.

We were happy to find Tamarindo, Costa Rica at number 5 on their list.

we were even more pleased to see Dreamsea Surf Camp as one of the best places for surfers to stay when discovering our piece of paradise. Flight Network praised Dreamsea Surf Camp for our ideal combination of luxury camping (glamping) and world-renowned waves. Flight Network also noted that our motto, “collect moments, not things,” encourages each and every visitor to make the most of their stay, whether they’re surfing, adventuring, practicing yoga or simply connecting with fellow campers.

Tamarindo is one of few surf destinations around the world where the perfect day (and multiple perfect days in a row) can be experienced year-round. We look forward to introducing surfers from around the globe to the world-class waves and nearby adventures that make Tamarindo and Dreamsea Surf Camp so special.


THE WORDS: This article stemmed from an original piece written by, recognizing 55 surf destinations throughout the world for providing an authentic surf culture to wave-seeking travelers. You can find the original article HERE.


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