The Faces Of Dreamsea Costa Rica - Artem Khmara

If you are lucky, Artem will be one of the first people you meet when you arrive at Dreamsea Surf Camp of Costa Rica. 

Known as the resident Yoga guru to anyone familiar with Dreamsea, Artem will be dressed much the same as the other folks around camp, sporting the ubiquitous board shorts (T-shirt optional). As you watch his bright blonde head bob around camp, playing with the cats and distributing hugs, you might notice that Artem’s presence stands out. I found myself noticing him almost immediately. He seems to have a glow about him.

Since Dreamsea Costa Rica attracts people from all over the world, a common question asked by and to everyone at camp is, “So, where are you from?” When you ask Artem this question he will look directly into your eyes with his piercing blue ones and reply, “From my mother.” He will usually get a laugh or a confused look when he answers in this way, but, when you think about it, he is speaking the truth for us all. Another question I asked Artem soon after meeting him was how long he had been living at Dreamsea. While I was later told by some that he has been teaching yoga at Dreamsea for almost two years, he explained to me that he is here right now and that all of existence is right now.

These are the kinds of answers you can expect from Artem. He cuts through the small talk and gets right at the heart of the truth. While he is a staple of the Dreamsea Costa Rica community and a constant, bright presence around camp, Artem can seem to be a little difficult to “get to know” in the conventional sense of the phrase. This is because Artem exists in a reality wherein “getting to know” a person means more than simply knowing to what country they belong, how old they are, or all the places they have been. This way of looking at the world is partly influenced by his yoga practice, which he shares with volunteers and guests at Dreamsea Costa Rica.

According to Artem, Yoga is a way of fostering love and connection between the individual and the energy of the universe, with other people and beings in between.

 This is why he describes the yoga practice sessions he leads at 7:00 in the morning a time of “sharing” yoga rather than “teaching” yoga. He says his practice simply began with an “aoomm” and then he began the practice of flowing with the universe. Through this, he came to Dreamsea where friends appeared – beginner yogis as well as others – who have practiced “yogic breathing”. Yoga sessions at Dreamsea are usually conducted in a circle with all yogis facing one another on the yoga platform. By 7:00 am, the sun is up and a gentle, cool breeze is drifting through the leaves of the trees. The lowing of the cattle on the nearby farms echoes through the forest, and sometimes our friendly white-headed capuchin neighbors pass by through the canopy. Artem likes to end the session with everyone sitting cross legged, palms touching the neighbors to each side of the circle; a never-ending ring of healing energy.

What do you like about Costa Rica and Dreamsea?” I asked him one evening while we were waiting for the start of another delicious dinner. “I like that the climate is always warm here. You can always wear shorts and being warm saves your energy for adventures!” He likes everything about Costa Rica, especially Guanacaste, because of the beaches. An avid surfer and beach lover, he has been to over ten beaches with Dreamsea alone, and he was able to list them for me: Playa Tamarindo, Langosta, Avellanas, Minas, Negras, Conchal, Flamingo, Potrero, Matapalo, Danta, and of course his personal favorite, Playa Grande. Surfing, for him is a way of connecting the the flow of energy in the world, and I have frequently witnessed him sitting on a surfboard in the swells, dancing with his arms as though he is becoming one with the waves.

Artem is also a lover of waterfalls and enjoys the regular excursion that the camp takes to Rincón de la Vieja, a national park in Guanacaste with hot springs, waterfalls, and mud baths. He loves everything about Costa Rica and he means everything he says. He loves, “exploring the universe from Costa Rica; existence from Costa Rica.

"At Dreamsea, we are living how we are supposed to live." - Artem Khmara

Continuing to chronicle his symbiotic bond with Dreamsea Costa Rica, Artem explains  – “No walls, fresh air, exposure to nature, the sounds of nature, the smells of nature, living minimally, stars, laughter of friends, sounds of chewing fruits and foods, sounds of conversation, the sound of the shower, the sound of the grasshoppers, shaking leaves, watching the mangos grow from green to yellow across time…all the universe is present here. I connect to everything. It’s hard to describe, but there is something here for everyone to connect to.

You can almost always expect Artem to give you an answer that diverges from the usual small talk that we are all used to- the usual “Hello, how are you?” and, “I’m well.” It may seem as though he is a bit difficult to understand. By spending time with him, however, I’ve learned that, to Artem, what truly matters is a person’s way of existing-not his or her country, body, or language. “What body you have doesn’t matter. Sharing energy in certain ways so that you are putting love into the universe, so that sharing love becomes a way of being. That is what matters. Everything in life is a mystery, but people who are able to live in love are able to exist in infinity,” he says.

There is a quote from the American poet, Maya Angelou that goes, “You are only free when you realize you belong no place- you belong everyplace- no place at all.” I am reminded of this quote whenever I speak with Artem. He is constantly reminding those graced with his presence of both the impermanence of everything and the importance of appreciating every moment; of fully existing in every moment.

To spend time with Artem at Dreamsea is to witness a person who embodies the paradox that Maya Angelou describes. In other words, a person who exists in infinity, a person who is free.


THE WORDS: This feature was written by the talented and multifaceted Molly McCahan, who is from New Hampshire, is an environmentalist, outdoor enthusiast, and is currently exploring Central America with her sentiments at the forefront. You can follow her incredible journey via her personal WEBSITE or her INSTAGRAM.

THE VISUALS: The photos in this feature were taken by both Kolja Schulze-Rohr & Liliana Barnett.


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It's About The People.

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Life At Dreamsea Surf Camp of Costa Rica - Views From The Volunteers!

What better way to learn about a destination than through the people who live and work there?

While there is the presence of a low season in Costa Rica’s climate-based calendar, it doesn’t stop adventurous people from all over the world from coming to volunteer at Dreamsea Costa Rica.

In exchange for help with various daily tasks that keep the camp in top shape, volunteers get to live in this spacious jungle sanctuary and enjoy the gift of simplistic living, delicious family dinners, and countless new friends. Volunteers tend to spend anywhere from one week to a full month soaking in the beauty and excitement of Tamarindo, getting to know each other and the surrounding areas very well.

In order to give future guests or volunteers some insight into life here at Dreamsea Surf Camp, I asked our current volunteers some questions about their experiences so far.

Naturally, my first question had to revolve around surfing, the area’s most popular sport.

When I asked people to describe their best surfing experience, everyone had something amazing to say regardless of their status as a beginner or advanced surfer. Nele, a volunteer from Germany, said her very first surf lesson brought her the most joy. She expected a monumental challenge, but found herself pleasantly surprised when she stood up with ease and caught wave after wave. Michael from the Czech Republic, who had only surfed a few times before arriving at Dreamsea, said his best surfing experience was riding a wave sideways for the first time.

The best surfing experience for Riley, one of our surf instructors, was riding waves in a storm, with lightning igniting the clouds overhead and rain thickening so much that he could barely see the waves in front of him. Surfing undoubtedly becomes a special part of people’s lives at Dreamsea, whether they are continuing a life-long passion or trying the sport for the first time.

After a full day of surfing, Dreamsea is the perfect place to chill out and relax, so I decided to ask everyone their favorite way to spend downtime. Brian, a volunteer from Canada, takes advantage of the peaceful environment by reading in a hammock, or stays active by using the camp’s sturdy fitness equipment. Mia, from Germany, also likes to stay active, and enjoys hiking through the surrounding forest during downtime. Keaton, from Canada, says night-swimming in the nearby ocean is one of his favorite activities, due to the silence of the deserted beach and the presence of glowing phytoplankton in the water. Other crowd favorites include hanging out by the giant mango tree that towers over the camp, hula hooping, playing ping pong, and practicing tricks on the wooden balancing board.

The best way to fuel these busy days is through the delicious food at Dreamsea Costa Rica.

Nati, our incredibly talented chef, switches up the menu daily, and everyone who dines at the communal wooden tables can’t stop raving about the incredible variety and flavor of the meals. Because breakfast and dinner are always a highlight of everyone’s day, I was curious to know the favorite meal at Dreamsea of some volunteers. Viviane, a volunteer from Switzerland, is a huge fan of the weekly Italian meals full of hearty pasta, salad, garlic bread, and some type of heavenly dessert. Matt, from Australia, always looks forward to Peruvian nights, which consist of flavorful dishes like ceviche or lomo saltado. Though the cuisine changes nightly, breakfast always has fresh fruits and scrambled eggs, with occasional treats like pancakes or arepas, and vegetarian, vegan, or dairy free options are always available.

Though Tamarindo itself can entertain endlessly, the Dreamsea crew embarks on weekly excursions to give guests and volunteers a taste of other beautiful areas in the region. I loved hearing all the interesting stories when I asked volunteers about their most memorable excursion. Artem, our camp yoga teacher, loves visiting Playa Grande where the wind and wave patterns are different from the usual Playa Tamarindo, so he can improve his surfing skills. Shara, a volunteer from New York City, loves Playa Conchall because of the gorgeous scenery and the opportunities for snorkeling and cliff jumping. Other excursions venture outside of the beach, such as a day trip to nearby hot springs or taking a catamaran out on the ocean for a day full of food, drinks, and good company.

On a more practical note, people can make the most of their time at Dreamsea Costa Rica, by being prepared.

In closing, I asked the volunteers things they wish they had packed for their trip to Costa Rica, and the reoccurring theme is to pack lightly but always prepare for the elements. Alina, from Germany, wished she had packed a sturdier pair of flip flops. Sandals are perfect footwear for the hot weather, but the uneven terrain of the jungle roads can take its toll on a flimsy pair of flip flops.

In addition to strong footwear, campers recommend insect repellent, a flashlight or head torch for walking in the jungle at night, and a fast-drying microfiber towel. These items make life in the Costa Rican forest that much easier.

From daily surfing trips to the beach, to the relaxed pace of life at camp, Dreamsea Costa Rica offers such a unique experience for travelers, that I was honestly overwhelmed by all the positive experiences I heard from the people I interviewed. People spoke just as highly about chilling out at camp and enjoying family meals as they did about exciting excursions.

Dreamsea Costa Rica has something for everyone, and travelers from all different backgrounds can find something that sparks a flame inside of them.


THE WORDS: This article was written by the passionate and thought-provoking Gabby Boucher, who is from the US, and is currently exploring the World while soaking up perspective and sun. You can follow her incredible adventures via her PERSONAL WEBSITE or her INSTAGRAM


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8 Ways To Get In Touch With Nature At Dreamsea Surf Camp of Costa Rica!

Within Tamarindo's dense green jungle lies Dreamsea Costa Rica

A little oasis of civilization surrounded by wildlife. Staying at Dreamsea means you are constantly immersed in nature, and it is truly a privilege to experience the wonders of the natural world every minute of every day.

While the opportunity to connect with your surroundings is plentiful while traveling in Costa Rica, here are eight specific ways you can enhance your experience in Tamarindo by getting in touch with the richness of this magnificent Country’s wilderness!

1. Enjoy The Beautiful Beaches

Frequent beach trips allow you to enjoy the cool, refreshing ocean water and the towering coconut palms on a daily basis. Tamarindo beach in particular is also scattered with interesting seashells, creating a mosaic-like pattern on the soft sand. Once in a while you may even stumble across a sand dollar or a sand crab. Every day at the beach provides some new treasure that will cause you to become further infatuated with your surroundings.

2. Admire The Sunsets

Located on the western edge of the Central American continent, Tamarindo represents a perfect sunset-viewing spot. As the sun departs each day, you can actually see the giant glowing orb sinking into the horizon. Though the sunsets are quick, the sky turns into a canvas for the psychedelic strokes of the sun’s paintbrush, which grow more intense by the minute. Even on the cloudiest days, the rose-colored sun finds a way to burst through the gray and ignite the scene.

3. Go For A Hiking Adventure 

When leaving the camp driveway, turning right leads towards Tamarindo’s downtown, but turning left leads towards a small mountain perfect for hiking. The rugged terrain begins as a leisurely walk, and gradually steepens until you can feel your leg muscles burning while you climb uphill. Hiking for about 30 minutes will leave you drenched in sweat, but as a reward you can witness a nice view of the sparkling Pacific Ocean lined with a golden strip of beach that is surrounded by mountainous peaks.

4. Embrace The Tropical Climate

The climate of Costa Rica means hot weather year-round, with a splash of humidity in some months. The heat can seem daunting, but luckily, palm trees provide shade at most beaches and the ocean is within a toss of a coconut. Apply your sunscreen, and always dress for comfort; at Dreamsea, most people live in bathing suits and lightweight casual clothes. The camp’s cold showers are a great way to cool down after a long day of sun exposure while surfing!

5. Get Acclimated With The Morning Howler Monkeys

In the trees that tower over the camp, howler monkeys live happily and loudly. Don’t be alarmed to hear massive groans and strange screeches early in the morning, or at any hour of the day for that matter. Sometimes you can see the little, fuzzy black creatures climbing through the trees, or running through camp grabbing freshly fallen mangoes. When is the last time you can say a howler monkey was your alarm clock?!

6. Go On Weekly Excursions & Surf Trips To Surrounding Areas 

Every week, Dreamsea Costa Rica takes campers on special excursions and surf trips to historic natural landscapes and beaches in the surrounding areas of the Guanacaste region. While Tamarindo provides plenty of natural beauty in itself, whether it be cliff jumping, snorkeling, waterfall hunting, natural hot springs, mud baths, or group surf sessions at legendary beaches along the pacific coast, Dreamsea allows for our campers to squeeze the most out of Costa Rica’s atmosphere and culture by adventuring to nearby destinations. Hop in a shuttle with the Dreamsea team, leave your stress behind, and enjoy an all-day Pura Vida soaked adventure.

7. Accept The Presence Of Animals & Insects

The merging of jungle life with civilization creates an interesting mix of animals in and around the camp on a daily basis. Domesticated dogs, cats, horses and cows roam the streets, and Dreamsea itself is home to two lovable dogs and and a roster of cats. In addition to the howler monkeys, you may also catch glimpses of other exotic creatures like iguanas, turtles, lizards, and interesting bird species. Due to the lack of boundaries between civilization and nature at Dreamsea, our home is also home to countless insects. Once in a while, large colorful butterflies drift through the camp and fireflies light up at nighttime, reminding us that insects can also be beautiful. It is always magical to see such incredible animals in their natural habitat, so always observe the landscape carefully and you may see something amazing.

8. Take A Walk Into Downtown Tamarindo

The daily shuttles to and from Tamarindo are quick and convenient, but it can be nice to stretch your legs and get a fruitful in every walk once in a while. The dirt road from Dreamsea into town is clear, easy to follow, and the entire walk takes about 30 minutes. Fill up a canteen with water, put your walking shoes on, and enjoy a peaceful walk surrounded by the rushing sounds of the river and the serene shade of the forest.


THE WORDS: This article was written by the passionate and thought-provoking Gabby Boucher, who is from the US, and is currently exploring the World while soaking up perspective and sun. You can follow her incredible adventures via her PERSONAL WEBSITE or her INSTAGRAM.


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Dreamsea Surf Camp of Costa Rica -- Dynamic Meditation!

In addition to daily surfing and yoga, Dreamsea Costa Rica offers another form of physical and mental connection: Dynamic Meditation

A few times a week, after a hearty breakfast, campers gather
under the peaceful shade of the mango tree and commit themselves to an hour of uninhibited movement and expression. 

Jemy, a camp volunteer from Holland, leads the meditation practice with enthusiasm and careful guidance. He encourages people to let go, while giving them advice on how to do so. After working as a volunteer at Dreamsea for a few weeks, he took some time off to travel through Costa Rica, and has now returned to teach other campers how to free themselves through the practice.

After researching the art of meditation through books and internet guides, Jemy has developed a passion that he is eager to share with the World.

While traditional meditation focuses on silence as a tool for finding inner peace, dynamic meditation exhausts the body first, which in turn exhausts the mind and makes it easier to look inwards and focus on finding peace.

I was lucky enough to participate in one of Jamie’s classes at Dreamsea. As someone who struggles with calming my chaotic mind through traditional meditation, I found Jemy’s practices physically challenging but fun, and I briefly attained a peaceful state of mind after the exciting session.

A typical dynamic meditation consists of five different phases, starting with five to ten minutes of heavy breathing. After constant rapid and intense breathing through the nose, the body feels full of open space and energized, ready to take on the next phases.

During the second phase, emotional expression, the mind mingles with a variety of different  feelings, while the body moves in natural reaction.

As Jemy shouts out different emotions, like anger or sadness, the rugged screams and heavy sobs of the group echo throughout the camp. Even Tito the dog joins in for the anger phase, barking loudly and running through the group. It’s quite difficult to achieve a genuine emotion on the spot, but by faking it at first, I find the feeling eventually consumes the mind and becomes authentic. For example, as Jemy tells us to feel happy and express laughter, everyone bursts out in a forced, theatrical laugh which is so absurd that we all start laughing for real.

The third phase Jemy refers to as the “monkey jump”, which feels like a primitive, animalistic force has taken over our bodies. With hands raised overhead, everyone jumps in rhythm with a deep, growling grunt emerging from our throats like a band of angry chimps. Though it seems crazy at first, the action is quite difficult to do for five minutes straight, and it feels liberating to succumb to the strange action without any reason or logic.

After this physically demanding phase, everyone stands motionless, drifting back to a state of awareness and focusing on the looseness of the body.

The last phase begins with silence, to reflect and observe how the mind and body are feeling. 

After a dance break, to celebrate a successful meditation, we all sit in a
circle and share our thoughts about the session. The group atmosphere really enhanced the meditation, as the shared energy and enthusiasm created a comfortable space in which we could all express ourselves without hesitation.

Guests and volunteers alike can benefit from dynamic meditation at Dreamsea Costa Rica. It allows people to escape their comfort zones and connect with their emotions while simultaneously allowing the
body to move in strange but enjoyable ways. Jemy’s main piece of advice for beginners is to have fun. Don’t worry about looking weird or wonder if you’re doing everything correctly.

Meditation can be intimidating, but at Dreamsea the goal is to just enjoy the experience.


THE WORDS: This article was written by the passionate and thought-provoking Gabby Boucher, who is from the US, and is currently exploring the World while soaking up perspective and sun. You can follow her incredible adventures via her INSTAGRAM.


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Dreamsea Surf Camp of Costa Rica - Workaway Host Of The Month!

*This article was originally constructed and featured on Workaway’s website ( in June of 2016. The interview was conducted by Workaway’s owners in coordination with Dreamsea Costa Rica.*

Here at Workaway, we now have an amazing 30,000+ hosts involved in our volunteer exchange projects and communities from all over the world.

From agricultural work, scuba diving, yoga retreats and most things in between, we are so proud to be associated with so many amazing hosts. Going by the name of ‘Workaway Host of the Month’ we will reveal more of what it is like to be a host and let you into their routines and how their projects have changed since opening their doors to you guys!

We recently traveled to Costa Rica to check out some Workaway projects and met Carlos who runs a surf camp in Tamarindo together with Michael. We dug deeper into their journey to share it all with you.

Workaway: Hey guys, what a beautiful day it is in Tamarindo! Can you tell us a little more about your background? How long ago did you start your surf camp, and why did you get into it?

Dreamsea Costa Rica: Our surf camp in Costa Rica started almost three years ago, before opening the surf camp I was travelling around Europe, but Costa Rica had always been a captivating country to me. While in Europe, I met many people familiar with Costa Rica, and I found myself asking the same question to all of them: What comes to your mind when I say “Costa Rica”? Almost everyone would emphatically respond with positive feelings, constantly noting the country’s nature, tranquility, the friendly locals, and of course the great surf available. Then my next question was to myself — How can I take what this beautiful country has to offer, and pair all of the great qualities of Costa Rica with an innovative idea that was based off of self-sustainability, and would provide a platform for travelers to connect with other travelers?

After flying to Costa Rica and searching for the optimal land to putting this dream into reality, all the answers were found in this little piece of jungle in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. With that same self-sustainability approach in mind, using natural resources, including the wood straight from the jungle, bamboo, and multiple other natural tools, the surf camp quickly began to come to fruition. While building the camp, and surfing together every day, we began to feel something special was on its way.

Workaway: We love that you followed your dreams and inspire others to help too! How did you first discover Workaway, and how many volunteers have you hosted so far?

Dreamsea Costa Rica: At the beginning of the construction process, when I was alone looking for that ideal piece of land in the jungle, riding horses, walking through the jungles and beaches of Costa Rica, recycling wood, and working with the earth and its resources, I had to reach out to some close friends to help me build this Dream. These close friends called other friends, and we had some unexpected acquaintances come offer their help. One of them named Julian, talked to me about Workaway. Immediately, I was excited to learn of such an amazing platform that opens incredible opportunities to allow travellers to get to know the world, while creating life experiences using their own hands and skill sets. At that current stage, we knew it would be a perfect partnership as both companies had the same ideology and ultimate goal in mind: to continue their internal and external growth, while connecting with as many like-minded individuals in the process. While it is a rough estimate, in our near three years of being in production, we have hosted over a total of 1,000 workawayers!

Workaway: WOW! I think that must be a record! Do you have a daily routine, and can you describe your perfect day with your Workawayers?

Dreamsea Costa Rica: During the off-season the surf camp is full of volunteers, sharing their skills, and splitting tasks to keep the place running at its optimal capacity. These tasks range from everything such as surf instruction, yoga instruction, photography, videography, and social media help, to more basic tasks such as helping in the kitchen, construction work around the camp, to just overall maintenance of keeping the camp as clean as possible. And of course, the most important activity of each day: GOING SURFING!

To give an idea of a typical day at our surf camp in Costa Rica, below is a rough timeline from the beginning of the day to its conclusion:

6 AM: Morning surf at Langosta beach for intermediate and advanced surfers. Surf in Tamarindo beach for beginners.
7 AM: Yoga classes in the camp, sometimes on the beach while others choose to surf instead.
8:30 AM: A large family style breakfast all together in our dining area under a large mango tree.
9:00 AM – 11:00 AM: Most general volunteers will complete their daily tasks.
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM: We provide shuttles to Tamarindo beach (unless it is one of two days a week we do special excursion & surf trips) for our guests/volunteers.
1:00 PM: Surf lessons and relaxing on the beach.
4:00 PM: A serene yoga session on the beach.
5:30 PM: Watch the sunset on the beach and then provide shuttles back to camp.
7:30 PM: A large family style dinner buffet in the dining area under the mango tree.
9:00 PM: After dinner most campers indulge in recreational conversation, music, and general entertainment around the camp bar and chill out area.
10:30 PM: We provide shuttles to the downtown Tamarindo nightlife, where specific days call for different types of entertainment out and about in the city.
1:30 AM: We provide our final shuttles back to the surf camp.

Workaway: We love the life in Costa Rica, no wonder you get so many volunteers! How has your project changed since hosting Workawayers?

Dreamsea Costa Rica: First and foremost, the influence of Workawayers has established a more creative environment for everyone involved. In any setting, it’s inevitable that if you put a collection of innovative and inspired people together, who are skilled at something specific, for an extended period of time, everyone involved in the situation will feel the desire to push their own boundaries and follow their own aspirations. We believe that both having a constant desire to accomplish something creatively prolific, and encouraging others to attain their own imaginative passions, are unequivocally contagious, so having Workawayers around in camp who are youthfully ambitious, will forever be mutually beneficial to everyone’s future growth and success.

Workaway: What have been the biggest challenges for you since hosting Workawayers, and how did you handle them?

Dreamsea Costa Rica: Many of the workawayers that join us have never been this close to nature and wildlife in such a raw form. It’s an everyday challenge to encourage them to confront their fears, remain open-minded about the uncertainty of the jungle, and show them that all animals and surrounding wildlife are beautiful in their own right, and will never harm you if they don’t feel threatened. We constantly encourage our volunteers to simply be one with the nature that surrounds them.

Workaway: What is the most beneficial thing you have gained from hosting Workawayers?

Carlos: Thanks to the many different Workawayers we have hosted, I’ve learnt how to surf better and approach the water with a different philosophy, along with learning different types of yoga, languages, and most importantly, just having lots of friends all over the world.

Michael: I’m genuinely inspired by how many of these young Workawayers are just travelling the world alone, and creating opportunities for themselves as they go. There is nothing that can compare to the perspective you gain when travelling solo, and because of that, all of these travelers are so insightful for their age. It’s inspiring to see firsthand, and in turn, deeply motivates me to continue my own journey and personal growth.

Workaway: We also love seeing how many of our Workawayers are out there doing it alone! What is the most memorable moment you’ve had with Workawayers, and why?

Dreamsea Costa Rica: There’s a few: 

1. Building the yoga platform: We have one large yoga platform in the camp, and just seeing the progress of its construction was special. Month by month with this project in mind, collecting and recycling the perfect wood pieces to support the platform, waiting to see the right branch that would fall somewhere in the jungle and the trails around the camp, or even on the beaches. If we saw one, we’d get the team together, jump on the pickup truck and go on an adventure, all of us with the same goal, come back to camp with more materials to complete our common project. The result was a solid, sustainable, wooden Yoga platform that has now become the source of so many beautiful Yoga sessions. When I sit on there in any downtime I have, I remember all of the hands that built it.

  1. Teaching English to kids:Two workawayers who were both professional English teachers, brought this beautiful idea of promoting the English language to kids with difficult access to education in the surrounding areas of Tamarindo. In their time here, they would initiate and invite these kids from different neighborhoods to spend their days interacting with our diverse group of Workawayers at camp, learning English, playing soccer, climbing the mango trees, cooking and grilling hamburgers, and ending the days teaching them surf on the beach. It’s hard to think of a better feeling than hearing the simultaneous laughing of the kids and workawayers throughout the extent of those days. It was truly amazing.

Workaway: What lovely stories! Do you have any advice for anyone looking to go on a Workaway trip, and how would you define what makes a good volunteer?

Dreamsea Costa Rica: My advice would be to just “embrace the uncomfortable“. Most people who sign up to be a Workawayer already have the ambition to travel on their own, test themselves, and ultimately grow through their experiences. But, there will certainly be times that things are uncomfortable or don’t go as planned, and that is when you sometimes just need to take a deep breath, a step back, and remind yourself that it’s all part of the process. You find out a lot about yourself in those uncomfortable moments, and like with all happenings in life, without the obstacles and lows of your adventures, the highs and accomplishments you experience aren’t nearly as exhilarating or memorable. The lessons you learn from that balance in your travel will undoubtedly last a lifetime.

Workaway: What are your hopes and dreams for the future? Where do you see yourself in five years?

Dreamsea Costa Rica: I have learned a new style of living from interacting with Workawayers from all over the world. It’s a style of living where you can see souls instead of just people, where individuals are happy to share their knowledge and skills, where anything is possible when you work together, and where material things lose value and instead, moments become the most precious thing we can collect in life. My hope for the future is just to continue living, promoting, and sharing this beautiful style of life. In five years’ time, I see exponential growth within the camp, our future development, and the workawayers that became team leaders at our surf camp. By promoting, living, leading, and expanding on this style of life, the sky is the limit for our project.


THE WORDS: As noted above, this article was originally featured on Workaway’s website ( The feature was a portion of their monthly recognition of one volunteer host in their global network. Dreamsea Costa Rica was honored as Workaway’s “Host of the Month” in June of 2016, and this interview was subsequently conducted. You can read the original article HERE.


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Dreamsea Surf Camp of Costa Rica has travelers from all across the World come stay with us throughout the year. It’s often that you can find people from 30 or more different countries within the camp at the same time! It’s those same exact individuals, who are all made up of diverse and fascinating backgrounds, that are the heart and soul of what Dreamsea truly is at it’s core. It’s simply all about the people.

But what does Dreamsea Costa Rica mean to the travelers themselves? We asked some of those same adventurous and compassionate individuals within the camp to describe in one sentence, “What Dreamsea Means” to them. Check out the video below!

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Dreamsea Surf Camp of Costa Rica Named A Top Destination for Traveling Surfers!

Surfers are constantly in search of that perfect day.

The day when they’re catching wave after wave in a warm, sunny locale and following it up with a cold beer on the sand. It’s no wonder that surfers have been searching for those perfect days around the globe for decades, and the travel industry is taking notice.

That’s why the travel experts at Canada’s leading online travel agency, Flight Network, recently released their list of the top 55 surf destinations in the world. The goal was to introduce their customers, and travelers from around the world, to the destinations that are known for offering those perfect days. In addition to providing epic waves, every destination on their list is home to comfortable accommodation options and plenty of things to do out of the water too.

We were happy to find Tamarindo, Costa Rica at number 5 on their list.

we were even more pleased to see Dreamsea Surf Camp as one of the best places for surfers to stay when discovering our piece of paradise. Flight Network praised Dreamsea Surf Camp for our ideal combination of luxury camping (glamping) and world-renowned waves. Flight Network also noted that our motto, “collect moments, not things,” encourages each and every visitor to make the most of their stay, whether they’re surfing, adventuring, practicing yoga or simply connecting with fellow campers.

Tamarindo is one of few surf destinations around the world where the perfect day (and multiple perfect days in a row) can be experienced year-round. We look forward to introducing surfers from around the globe to the world-class waves and nearby adventures that make Tamarindo and Dreamsea Surf Camp so special.


THE WORDS: This article stemmed from an original piece written by, recognizing 55 surf destinations throughout the world for providing an authentic surf culture to wave-seeking travelers. You can find the original article HERE.


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Dreamsea Surf Camp of Costa Rica -- Pack & GO! – Why You Should Start Traveling Today!

If you recognize yourself within the context of this blog post, you may in fact be ready to make the leap into traveling yourself.

This article might just be the little push you needed to begin your own adventures as soon as possible!

Day in and day out of our fast-paced, and often times rushed lives, we are encouraged to be ‘realistic’ and to keep our feet on the ground. But what is the ‘real’ definition of being realistic? Our 21st century’s Western society teaches us that being successful is secured by investing energy and most of our time into our appointed position within that society. Mostly, this embodies hard work and dedication to everyday life and that respective position, rather than putting that same effort and time into developing ourselves.

Getting out of your comfort zone leads to feeling comfortable within yourself

It might sound a little ironic, but traveling – leaving your everyday comfort zone – actually leads to feeling more comfortable in the long run. Below you can find a checklist comprised of some comprehensive outcomes of traveling.

Whether it is solo or in a (small) group, any traveler will recognize the following benefits, and if they seem very appealing to you: don’t doubt that immediately starting your own travel planning may very well be a fruitful and life-altering decision.

During travel you will experience that:

✔ – Handling unexpected situations builds self-confidence

✔ – Being away helps you value relationships and home more

✔ – Leaving behind one’s everyday routine offers new perspectives regarding personal prospects – future career, hobbies, self-awareness

✔ – Discovering yourself is essential to get to know what your needs and future plans are, instead of adapting to environmental ones

Travel and Education are Complimentary

Regardless if it’s picking up a new language, cooking a new delicious Italian pasta recipe or mastering an ancient Chinese card trick, travel has proven to help us gain knowledge and extend education perspectives. Psychologists have actually proven that it levels up our mental and physical state of happiness – especially when we are comprehending anything we enjoy.

If you haven’t traveled yet, see if the below effects and outcomes of committing to a personal adventure are something you are looking to achieve – or in the case that you have already traveled, are currently traveling, and are looking to continue doing so – if experiencing anything listed below is what keeps you returning to the journey..

Travel helps you to:

✔ – Get over fears and explore new boundaries

✔ – Meet people, get to know different cultures that can actually be a better fit for you to live in instead of what you’re used to

✔ – Learn a new language leading to gaining knowledge and acquire unforeseen skill-sets

✔ – Extend old skills’ comprehension and share your gained knowledge with other people

“I enjoy some of the old and I enjoy some of the new, and if I can find a balance between it, that’s where I find my satisfaction.” from ‘The Dreamer’ – by Anderson .Paak

Traveling Actually Makes You Happier

As noted above, there is actual scientific proof that travel and all of the connected activities to it, makes you happier. Many research outcomes show that it gives you energy and provides a source of endorphins on the short term, lifelong insights on the long term, and definite good vibes in the present moment(s) you are in.

A little test to find out what you will remember the most, when someone asks you to look back on your life one day:

All those times you stared at the clock at work wondering if the batteries still work because time seemed to stand still, got to the supermarket afterwards not having any clue what you should make for dinner, and ultimately plopped down in front of the TV feeling exhausted and annoyed because you have to do the same thing over again the next day.


That one time you had authentic herbal Chinese tea with a Belgian and an Estonian friend in a hostel in Tamarindo – Costa Rica, discussing your volcano hike from the day before, where you had a celebration beer next to the crater and moved laughter to tears because a monkey jumped on your head and tried to pick your fleas?

In general, we can always and truthfully say that life is too short to just sit and wait.

Pack up your essential belongings, and go explore the world… but most importantly, go explore yourself.


THE WORDS: This article was written by the magnificent Saar Jacobs, who is from Antwerp, Belgium and is currently on her own long-term travel journey, shifting her own (and the World’s) perspective about the possibilities and liberation of travel. You can follow her incredible adventures via her INSTAGRAM or her PERSONAL BLOG.


Interested in coming to Dreamsea Surf Camp of Costa Rica, volunteering with us, and  joining our team here in the jungles of Tamarindo, Costa Rica? Check out more of the Dreamsea Experience by hitting the “Learn More” button below! 

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Dreamsea Surf Camp of Costa Rica - The Keys To Success Of Long-Term Travel!

“Traveling the world is cheap and easy.”, said no one ever.

Yet, thousands and thousands of people are doing it every day. During your own journey you’ve likely met people that have found their way into travel with less finances, but a perspective of traveling longer than you. So maybe it is true?

The initial questions most people ask themselves are – “How can I keep my expenses as low as possible – or maybe even live for free?” “What are the requirements to continue to travel as long as I want?” “Can I actually travel as long as I want, or do I need to keep certain obligations in mind?”

The good news: It is definitely possible to travel cheaply – or even better – for free. The bad news: It takes a little practice, effort, and planning to do so. Traveling around the world can be scary from time to time. Especially when you have to keep in mind the costs or probable hazards. Nevertheless, all you need is optimism, good-will and faith within yourself to begin your journey to – personal – freedom.

A Handful of Tips to Keep Your Expenses as Low as Possible - Or Maybe Even Live For Free.

The key word here is volunteering. Besides being an opportunity to immerse yourself in a totally new and unique culture wherein you can share your life spirit, it gives you a chance to discover new places for a very small, or even no amount of money. It is important to keep in mind low-cost or free volunteering programs might be harder to find, but – most certainly – not impossible. Everywhere around the world helping hands are needed; whether it’s a global oriented organization on one hand, or a self-sustainable local farm on the other.

Two very useful and trustworthy websites to find such volunteering programs are or For example, on the former, you can find our very own Dreamsea Surf Camp Costa Rica as a host for such an amazing volunteering possibility (read the interview Workaway did with Dreamsea after recognizing us as a Host of the Month: HERE)!

Besides sharing enthusiasm, experiences and lifetime development, there are two important pillars that can help you on the way to a successful long-term travel. Both knowledge and skill can help you pave a path to the cheapest way of living abroad. Whatever you can imagine is possible. Literally. Going from teaching English to children in Phnom Penh – Cambodia, to making and selling bracelets in Mirtos – Crete, or cutting hair in Tamarindo – Costa Rica.

Think of something you would like to learn, could earn money with abroad, teach yourself the knowledge and skill to do so and… just do it. Gain knowledge or experience in a certain skill you can practice in any country, master it and share it with the world. It gives you the opportunity to earn money abroad in a way to break-even or even gain more money than expected.

To have realistic expectations is also one of the most important elements to build your long-term travel on. By far the most important expectation to be realistic about will be expenses and budget. That’s why it is important to point out a plan that brings your probable expenses and earnings together. The amount of long-term travelers who left their home carrying only a backpack and a few dollars, fits through a keyhole. It is essential to save up, point out a realistic budget plan and – most importantly – try to stick to it.

Insights Into Long-Term Travel That Can be Life Saving, Life Changing, Or Even Both.

It is important to keep in mind that there is no such thing as a recipe or formula to guarantee a successful long-term journey. However, both initiative and common sense are determining values for a successful trip. As each individual has a different skill set or range of qualifications to offer, the opportunities and outcomes of likely situations abroad differ extensively. Find out what you like and what works for you.

Before you leave, there is some big time self-reflection necessary. What do you own that you actually don’t need during your travels or won’t actually miss when you come back? The sky is the limit to make that last little bit of extra money. Think about your bike, your car, clothes, furniture … Also, leaving with a tidy mind and knowing that you can come back to start with a clean slate, helps to make you feel at ease throughout your travel.

Speaking about coming back; it sounds pretty badass not having a return ticket home. However, if you are not a experienced long-term traveler, it might be a good idea to have that golden ticket – in case you need it. You never know what may come along in your path. Whether it’s struggling with mental or physical discomfort, money issues or – it is possible – being homesick. Knowing that you actually can go home can be soothing in times you need it.

Last but not least, whether you’re traveling solo or with a group, certain risks are always involved during the journey. The ground rule here is: always better safe than sorry. Follow your heart but always listen to what your head has to say. Google around or ask other more experienced travelers for advice regarding general safety, criminal activities, illnesses… concerning the countries you’re traveling to, as this will help you to outlive your long-term travel to the fullest.


THE WORDS: This article was written by the magnificent Saar Jacobs, who is from Antwerp, Belgium and is currently on her own long-term travel journey, shifting her own (and the World’s) perspective about the possibilities and liberation of travel. You can follow her incredible adventures via her INSTAGRAM or her PERSONAL BLOG.


Interested in coming to Dreamsea Surf Camp of Costa Rica, volunteering with us, and  joining our team here in the jungles of Tamarindo, Costa Rica? Check out more of the Dreamsea Experience by hitting the “Learn More” button below! 

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Surfing For Dummies - The Dreamsea Costa Rica Beginner's Guide to Surfing!

Invented thousands of years ago, Surfing is one of the oldest water sports known to mankind, and is now among the most popular and practiced beach activities in the world.

There are many reasons why this sport is so attractive. Wherever you go, the setting wherein you can learn or practice surfing is always sensational. Reckon a summer sun, a wavy ocean and a white beach being your exercise room each and every time again.

Learning to surf, and surfing in general, doesn’t come with an age. As some sports require a certain body condition to be able to do them, learning how to surf doesn’t require any specific needs. Of course, a fit body helps you to get in shape and to persist within the learning process. Without doubt, a healthy and well-nourished lifestyle helps you in whatever you do or pursue.

Wherever you go for a surf session, you’ll always meet and exchange experiences with other surfers from all over the world. Surf spots can be found at every coast line, which is an undeniable benefit and advantage of the sport. You can differ in setting, degree of difficulty, or desired surrounding whenever you want.

Watching experienced surfers going through a huge barrel can make surfing look so easy. Never forget that these surfers also started their learning process once upon a time. All it takes to become a good and experienced surfer is: practice, practice and – guess what – more practice. It took hours and hours of falling down and getting up for any skilled surfer to ultimately achieve the water mastery they possess today.

So, it is time to get down to business. Soak up the next 10 beginner surfer tips, book a trip to your ideal beginner surf spot, and get on that board as soon as possible!


1.  First of all: choose the spot wisely. Choosing a wrong spot can end up being seriously dangerous. You have to check whether the local conditions are suitable for you as a beginner.

2.  If you have found a good spot, you have to choose the right board. Never start with a short board. It has less volume, so it is less stable and more difficult to paddle on. Get a soft or long board. which helps you in your initial attempts at surfing. Make sure your leash is on your back leg with the tube pointing outwards and your board’s fins are pointed in the right direction. Check whether your board is waxed properly.

“As kids, we used to put soap on each other’s boards instead of wax. Hilarious, but most certainly not something you want when you just started to learn how to surf.”

3.  Warm-up: besides warming up the legs and hips, focus on warming up your shoulders, neck, and wrists. You can find some good information online on the best warm-up exercises to do, but one article here will give you six solid pre-surf pointers. Don’t forget to practice the pop-up on land!

4.  Put on a sunblock of 50+ on your face, arms and – especially the back of your legs. Basically every part that gets exposed to the sun needs to be covered. When you learn how to surf you can end up lying in the water for two hours or more. Protecting your core with a rash guard is also much advised. To avoid sun poisoning, you can wear a hat or a cap.

“Make sure you hydrate enough and SLIP, SLOP, SLAP. Australian slang for ‘put on loads and loads and loads of sunscreen’.” 


5.  Don’t go where all the people are. A lot of people means a lot of boards. When they’re mostly beginners the boards can end up flying anywhere. Read up about wave etiquette, and stay out of other surfer’s ride to stay safe and unharmed. Give other surfers the space they need. Keep in mind that another beginner cannot control a wave like an advanced surfer can.

Be careful of rips. Watch what the locals do to make sure you don’t get smashed by sets. Look out for sharks and other dangerous ocean life.”

6.  Find an orientation point on the beach so you can find out whether the currents are pulling you elsewhere. Also, it helps you to get up properly and stay up, because you will move your head less and have more stability within your body.

7.  Stay in the white water, as they come more frequently and that means you can practice the pop-up more. Ride out some waves on your stomach a few times. Feel the board. Feel the waves. When that works, you can do a real pop-up and try to finish a wave straight to the beach.

8.  In your first attempts at getting up on the board, you will fall, fall and… fall again and again. Whatever happens, it is important not to panic and stay positive, calm and always – ALWAYS – protect your head!


9. Flip your board over so the fins stand upwards and the wax of your board stays protected from the heat of the sun. Most wanted: find a piece of shade where you can lie your board in. Wrap the leash around the board, and take a breather.

10. Cool down: Stretch your arms, legs, shoulders, neck and wrists. Try to find a shower nearby to refresh yourself and to get rid of salt and sand. Finally, grab a cold beer and toast to your first actual surf session!

 “Get drunk. I’m kidding, but sure do get re-hydrated. Look out for changing conditions, as this might imply it is not worth going back into the water. Rips can change, waves can increase, sharks can appear.”


Wondering what the best places are to learn how to surf? As mentioned in the introduction of this article, that is one of the fantastic advantages of this sport. You can learn it everywhere. Every coastline has waves for beginners, intermediate, and advanced surfers.

In general, sandbanks are usually the best place for rookie-surfers because they create a surf zone where you don’t have to paddle as much. Avoid reef breaks and rocks, as they can create a hazard which is not recommended for beginner surfers. Try to avoid areas that are crowded, because other surfers also create risks for beginners. Don’t surf in between flags that point out swimming areas.

Keep in mind that as long as it is summer, you should be able to find beginner surfing spots. Generally, in winter time, waves are bigger and wind is stronger which are both non favorable conditions for a beginner surfer.

All you need as a newbie is a mellow beach break. Make sure there are no rocks, no dangerous ocean animals, no reefs and no crazy currents. You can travel to find a surf spot from South Africa to Costa Rica to Spain. Literally every coastline has spots for beginners!

SOME HOT SPOTS FOR BEGINNERS: The following locations are great surf destinations for the novice surfer: Tamarindo, Costa Rica — Byron Bay, Australia — Moliets, France — Peniche, Portugal — Waikiki, Hawaï


Below you can check out some basic surfing tips in a video featuring one of our current Dreamsea Costa Rica surf instructors, Jakob Unterholzner, who is originally from Germany, and fell in love with the art of teaching surf while in Morocco. Jakob came to Dreamsea Costa Rica via France, where he was a surf instructor learning under former German surf champion, Gerrit Handl.

Jakob’s passion for surfing is endearingly obvious, and in this video, he covers some basic surfing tips including: common mistakes made by novice surfers, the proper technique to pop up on your board, and the particulars of rip currents.


THE WORDS: This article was written by the naturally gifted Saar Jacobs, who is from Antwerp, Belgium and is currently exploring Central America leaving her emotive footprint on the World. You can follow her magnificent journey via her INSTAGRAM or her PERSONAL BLOG.

THE VISUALS: The Photos and Video included in this blog were shot and edited by the talented Tucker Cocchiarella, who is from Vail, Colorado. Follow Tucker’s visual explorations on his INSTAGRAM and PERSONAL WEBSITE.


Interested in coming to Dreamsea Surf Camp of Costa Rica and learning how to surf, or joining our team here in the jungle of Tamarindo, Costa Rica? Check out more of the Dreamsea Experience by hitting the “Learn More” button below! 

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Dreamsea Surf Camp of Costa Rica is the Perfect Place for the Solo Traveler!

We have all heard it many times before: Travel is addicting.

It’s an opportunity to become the strong, courageous adventurer you’ve always wanted to be. It allows you to experience beautifully diverse cultures, meet incredibly inspirational people, and create memories that will certainly last a lifetime. So why isn’t everyone booking a flight somewhere right now?

There are many things that tend to hold us back from committing to travel. While those reasons can vary, oftentimes it’s just the grand notion of travel itself that can be overwhelming. Removing yourself from your comfort zone could simply be the only thing holding you back from an experience of a lifetime.

What are some of the other reasons people don’t launch themselves into exploring the vast corners of this majestic world? Many people are fearful of traveling solo and that is completely understandable. It can be difficult even deciding where to begin. How do you plan for the food, accommodations, and the perceived financial strain? How do you feel assured of one’s own safety? How do you find like-minded individuals, and most importantly, how do you have a trip that is fulfilling, inspirational, and positively unforgettable? Digesting all of these details and decisions that come with the initial stages of planning your travel, simply put, can be overwhelming.  

The unique volunteer program within Dreamsea Surf Camp of Costa Rica is the perfect introduction to travel for the first time, solo adventurer. At Dreamsea we receive people of all ages, from all walks of life and backgrounds, who arrive on their own, and end up leaving with friends from all over the world. You meet people who will want to keep traveling with you, people whom you plan to meet again later on in your life, and people who will eventually open their homes to you in different parts of the world. The Dreamsea family shares a special connection that continues to provide and encourage companionship on this wild adventure called life!

Mikaela Hawkins, a colorful and impassioned 19-year old solo female traveler, came to Dreamsea Surf Camp in Costa Rica without having any previous travel experience. Here is what she had to say about the many reasons why Dreamsea is the perfect destination for a solo traveler. 

“I always knew I wanted to travel. I just had no idea how I was going to pull it off. From a young age, especially being female, I have been warned to be safe wherever I go. So when I took some time off from University and booked a flight to another country, people had concerns. When I was exploring my options I knew I had to be aware of a few things. Money and safety were big ones followed by fun and meeting people who shared similar values to me! I wanted to be doing things I was passionate about ( surf, yoga, outdoors, art), and I wanted to be doing them with people that enjoyed those same things as well!

The volunteer program has allowed me to travel for much longer than I ever thought was possible for me. I have seen and heard others share similar experiences as well. Dreamsea’s volunteer program is vast and there is something for everyone. The volunteering is not seen as work but seen as a chance to be surrounded by rad people while working as a team. Everything here is done together and done with love. It really is a family, and I have never seen such kindness and community in one place. I would have been much more fearful to travel if I had not found Dreamsea Costa Rica. Just thinking of traveling was overwhelming for me. Having to budget food, accommodation, and also transportation to get to all the extra and fun activities can add up. At Dreamsea it’s all here for you in one place.

I was speaking with a girl who just arrived from Germany last night and she was telling me how everything flows gracefully here. Of course there is a lot of hard work behind Dreamsea but because of the attitude of the staff and volunteers, it seems effortless and relaxed.

When I first stepped out of the taxi with my bags I wondered what I had gotten myself into. I felt as though I had stepped into the pages of the jungle book. Teepees were scattered among the trees and glowed like lanterns welcoming me in. Kittens played in the bushes. I could hear someone playing guitar music in the treetops. People were gathered in a circle laughing, and enjoying each other’s company. I knew immediately that I had arrived at a very special place, and one that is understandably loved by so many. You can feel it in the air. There is a special quality of magic that infuses the place.

Like most, I came to Dreamsea eager to learn to surf. Having had zero surf experience in my life I thought this would be just the time to learn. How hard could it be? Turns out it is hard. There are only so many times you can fall off the board before you start to get discouraged. Trying to be synchronized with the ocean makes this an especially challenging sport! There is an element of surprise where you never quite know what will happen, which is thrilling but very intimidating. Day after day I saw the glow that surfing gives people. The buzz of happiness you get from riding a wave. It lights you up from the inside out. Today I went in the water to try surfing again. I naturally picked the spot where the most people were, probably for comfort. Half an hour went by and I was just getting pounded by the waves.

I decided to take a break from the ocean for a little and just enjoy everything else Dreamsea had to offer. Surf is a huge part of Dreamsea Surf Camp but there are so many activities and fun things to be a part of that you could still have a blast without ever touching a board. That’s what’s so special about the place; there is something for everyone. I didn’t want to give up on surfing quite yet so I told myself I’d try it a few more times. I paddled out of the spot I had been in and I headed to a new spot. Minutes later I caught my first real wave. I wish I could explain to you this feeling.  Words are inadequate and cannot really do justice to it. It’s a buzz that travels through your entire body, and makes you feel alive in the most invigorating way possible. I finally understood why surfing is such a deeply loved sport. By leaving what was comfortable and trying something new, I caught my first wave and now I want a million more!

I have a feeling traveling can be explained in the same way. It’s not always smooth, and sometimes it can be overwhelming and unpredictable, but if you take the risk and paddle out (even if you are by yourself) something amazing is bound to happen. I could not have found a more perfect place to begin my travels. I came to Dreamsea Surf Camp in Costa Rica alone but I am leaving with an entire family, and the confidence to continue my travels as I continue to catch waves!

Learn more about Dreamsea Surf Camp of Costa Rica, and our volunteer program here!

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